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How To Sell A Domain Name To A Startup

selling a domain name to a startup

The Internet and online marketing have become the number one strategy to develop and promote your business and service to the target customers. Despite promoting your company/business/service on the social media, you need to create your own site and that means you will need a domain name. Having the right domain name can contribute to more traffic to your site, better promotion and marketing and, of course, more online sales. The bad news for the business owners and entrepreneurs is that most of the domains are already taken so they will need to find a way to get a great domain.

Choosing the right domain for your business means that your target customers may find you easily and the right domain says much more for your business than people think. A way to get the right domain for your business and improve your online strategy is to buy a domain name. It is a good solution for both parties. On the one hand, the buyer gets the domain name in order to take the business to another level and on the other hand, the seller would make a good profit from the sale. In order to sell the domain name, the seller needs to follow some steps so that the seller could make a good deal of it.

After you make the decision to sell a domain name, you need to review the domain name and to keep in mind some information such as the expiration date of your ownership of the domain name, the renewal date for the domain name and the fee needed for the domain name. This info may be required by the buyer, so you will need to be prepared in order to leave an impression of a serious seller. Buyers of trendy company names can be picky, so be sure to have all this essential information easily available.

In the era of online marketing and online sales, most of the people involved in the online business are aware that selling a domain name to a startup promises a good profit. The seller of the domain should examine what would be the value of the domain name. Usually, the sellers determine the price, but in fact, the price is already determined by the market. That means a rare domain name or the domain name wanted by many buyers promises greater profit for the seller compared to domain names which are frequently used.

Before you determine the price, a detailed research may be needed to be conducted by the seller. It means that it would be better for the seller to compare the price of his /her domain with the price of some similar domain names which have been sold recently. The seller needs to find the appropriate price for the domain because setting a really high price may push the buyers away, but a really low price may result in trading a domain name for an amount of money which does not correspond with the real worth of the domain. Negotiations for the price of the domain are crucial in the domain selling process.

After the price is determined, the seller should make a research where to sell a domain name. The seller needs to be aware that he/she needs to find a place with the potential target customers. On the Internet, there are many sites and marketplaces for selling and buying domain names. All of them have a different reputation, so checking the reviews of the sites by the previous users may be a good idea. In that case, you will find it easier to choose an appropriate site for selling your domain name.

Some of the most popular domain selling sites are,, and so on. On these sites (and some other domain selling sites) you can find people who are looking for domains so you will be able to post you advert and find a potential customer. Some of the sites for selling domains charge a fee for joining the site, but this is not the case with all sites. Make sure you choose a reliable and well establish websites for selling in case you decide to transfer the profit through the site to your bank account. In case the seller finds a good match for selling their domain, he/she should try to establish a good communication with the buyer.

In the negotiation process, communication is crucial so find a way to have a good communication with your buyer. It could be through email, social media, or through the domain selling site.  Make sure you provide all the information needed to the potential buyer and try to reply to the buyer’s messages as quickly as possible.

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