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SMS API Integration: What It Can Do For Your Business

sms api integration what it can do for your business

An SMS API is a great tool for businesses which is able to provide them with a very easy way for developers to be able to connect to a Short Message Service (SMS) gateway, which then allows them to be able to fire out messages with speed and ease. The reason why SMS API integration is a great option for most businesses is that they usually begin with a basic email to SMS service or Web SMS, which eventually they tend to outgrow.

As your SMS outreach becomes more intuitive and functioning to a more consistent and higher level, there is a need in the business for something more secure, more stable and more flexible, and this is exactly what an SMS API like Touch SMS will bring. So how exactly can this type of service benefit the business? Let’s take a look.

Automated Process

A great example of an automation process that an SMS API will be quite useful is for businesses that sends the same messages on a regular basis. This service is able to seamlessly send out these message without any kind of manual work. Another feature of the automation process is that if you have a particular message which is time sensitive then you can pre-set the time for when you want that message to reach the customer. Perhaps this is to remind them of an upcoming appointment which they have with you, as soon as the appointment is made, this reminder message will be automatically scheduled.

Transparency & Tracking

A message being sent doesn’t always mean that it has been received. As any business which works with SMS will know, messages can easily fail to be sent or the recipient may very well be out of signal and therefore a message arrives later than desired. Without an API the confirmation that SMS was received is not available but through the use of an SMS API, a delivery receipt helps businesses know exactly what time the message was received.

Transactional Messaging

Another neat feature which benefits business is the message tagging feature of this application. When a message is received by the application it is able to very quickly attach the reply to the corresponding message which was originally sent. This helps the business to better engage with its customers and works well with regards to call to action messages which ask something of the customer.


When it comes to SMS marketing the most important aspect of it from a business sense is understanding that data. The more data that is received the better that the business can make their next round of messaging. With an SMS API this is one of the biggest benefits that it is able to offer. Because of the intelligence of this application it is able to report real time data about what is happening to your outgoing messages. You can track the message to ensure that it was received, you can stay on top of what kind of responses you are getting to your messages and you can drill down into the metrics of which messages work best and to who.

Ultimately this is a service which speeds up your SMS campaigns and is able to offer you greater flexibility and accuracy, through a more intelligent approach to managing SMS activity.

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