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Startup Tricks: Two Tools For Total Tech Threat

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When starting up your first company, some mistakes you can make are par for the course. But here is one that you cannot make, get the right tech! If you can get the right systems integrated at an early stage, you can keep your startup afloat. But have inferior workplace tech, and it can hinder your productivity and leave you open to potential hacks and data leakages. The two fundamental things you need to keep your hardware in check are:

Anti Virus Software

What is it?

It is software designed to scan your computer’s hard drive for viruses and different types of malware. It also helps to prevent suspect programs from being downloaded onto your computer.

What is it good for?

  • Anti-Virus software prevents the installation of spyware and malware on a computer.
  • These programs may have other tools like virus prevention, anti-spyware protection or e-mail scanning.
  • They can be set to run at specific times, on specific days, and can be set to find and install updates and definitions.
  • It can block tracking cookies.
  • It restricts access to potentially dangerous websites.
  • It prevents spyware from infiltrating your systems.

Anything else?

  • The programs cannot always tell the difference between something you know to be safe, and something you are unsure about. While it protects you from dangerous files, it could lock you out of safe files and programs. In these cases, you should turn off the software, but that leaves the system unprotected.
  • It is not foolproof and cannot protect you from every virus attack, every single time. As long as computer viruses change and evolve as rapidly as they do now, there will not be a program that will cover all viruses.

The Cloud

What is it?

A storage system that is used over servers instead of using the computer.

What is it good for?

Moving your business to the cloud has many positives, such as:

  • Reducing your need to upgrade your hardware to go with the latest trends, it proves very cost effective.
  • The infrastructure will “scale down” when the servers are not used, saving energy.
  • When compared to a typical computer, the cloud can store much more data. Saving you space-related worries.

Anything else?

  • The cloud is an instant document recovery tool. There is no physical system for information to be stored on. Therefore there is no need to worry about problems like overheating.
  • Cloud service suppliers and IT Support companies offer flexible backup and recovery options.
  • Integrating the system is easier, so it reduces waiting times and makes the business more cost effective.

Making sure that your systems and hardware are safer in the workplace is an important aspect of keeping the business up and running. These two will ensure protection from viruses and making sure your work is stored safely and protected. Be careful of workplace  information leaks. It is more common now and is very heavily promoted in the press. So be up to date with your data protection rules and be vigilant.

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    November 29, 2016 at 9:07 AM

    You have mentions well how to keep computer malware free.

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