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Steps To Use Drones For YouTube Live Streaming

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Drones are well known for their pellucid aerial photography. The photos and videos which were once dull and flappy, look live and adventurous when shot by drones. Known for their portability especially on feats like mountain biking, surfing the sea waters, hill climbing, snowboarding etc., the drones are designed with such flexibility that even a beginner can shoot videos and take pictures as that of a professional.

The clarity and transparency it fetches fulfills the entire thrill and piggybacks us back the memories of the attainments. Economically, now it is easy to buy drones without forcing your pocket too much. Making use of the coupon codes such as the one offered at CouponCause for DJI drones make it possible to save some money.

Who on earth spends a second without Internet nowadays? It is now left for the people to decide whether it is a boon or a bane, but it is common for people to look for videos especially on YouTube, for any purpose. It is a very facile thing nowadays to watch videos which happened in the past. But what if you can watch videos when they are occurring?

Yes, with the advancement of technology you can easily watch or stream videos. Nowadays YouTube live streaming is a cake walk for many people. Depending on the country you live, some videos may not be available. This is not a big deal because there are plenty of ways to unblock YouTube videos.

Drones provide an interactive stream for the users. Below are all the steps you need to take to use drones for YouTube live streaming of videos.

Before learning how to take photos or use YouTube live streaming controls on the phone, let us make sure that we know the basics controls. Make sure you have the latest updated version of DJI GO 4 on your smartphone. Make sure you read the manual thoroughly. Later, check on some local rules and regulations to avoid law and order breaches in your area.  The DJI GO 4 app takes the videos from your mobile device which is connected to the controller instead of the aircraft drone. It is done to get rid of the hectic noise coming from the aircraft. Thus, your live streaming goes away more smooth and placid than expected with lots of live aroma and flavor added.

To access the general settings, tap the three dots on the top right most corner of your screen. Scroll down and Select Live Broadcast Platform under Live Streaming. Check YouTube and log in using your credentials. After that, give all required permissions to the DJI app to trot smoothly on your phone.

After you see that your account is connected, click the Go Live option. Select your live video title and adjust your privacy settings as to who would be able to view it. Tap the Go live button a second time and click Start Encoder option. After waiting for a few minutes, you will be notified that your live stream is ready. Just after that, click on Live Streaming to set up your live aerial video.

As you get along you can see the streaming information in the left-hand corner of the screen which shows the current frames you are shooting at and for how long you have been live. It also records your audio levels.

It is completely up to you if you want to share your live streaming sessions. Just tap on the red streaming icon on the left-hand corner to see your URL, else stop sharing your live streaming by adjusting your privacy settings.

YouTube live streaming provides an interactive arena and stream for users as they watch the video where comments appear on the right side of the video rather than the usual below. Due to these factors, people want to move away a bit from regular YouTube videos to live streaming sessions. Well, we should thank the drones for it!

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