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The Syma X11 Drone Review

syma x11 drone review

Syma is a brand well known for producing drones that are perfect for beginners. They have been producing high-quality drones for many years. A major problem for beginners in the drone world is that they lack the ability to fly them correctly. This means that drones barely last for a few days and then end up in pieces. This is where the Syma X11 stand apart from all the other drones available.


The Syma X11 is a quadcopter that is a great example of a high-quality drone in its price range. The remote controls are quite sensitive and make for a very immersive experience of flying. What’s more is that it is great for amateur users as well. The copter supports a low mode that is perfectly suited for indoor usage and a high mode that is just perfect for flying outside.

The drone has a functional range of about 100 feet, but it fly’s further without any issues. This means that you can believe its range to be around 110 feet or even more than that.


The Syma X11 is a symbol of quality at its best. As a drone targeted towards beginners, it must be durable and should be able to take quite a few hits. It survives after hitting trees and walls and ceilings. It survived multiple hits and even lived through a rough spell in a swimming pool. This means that you can easily use it for long periods of time and maintains great quality. The Syma X11 features a plastic outer surface that allows it to take a few hits without any real damage. The prop guard is further important and makes the drone sturdy and flexible. The rubbery quality of the prop guards gives them deformability. Even the remote control is durably built so that it doesn’t break on very small hits.


The drone is powered by a 200mAH battery. The battery is Li-Po. This means that you can easily change them or swap them out for another pair whenever you want. This means that you can enjoy your flight time for as long as you want, as long as you have a few sets of batteries, the flying never had to stop. The battery requires a charging time of about 30-45 minutes and gives a great time in the air. When in low mode, the battery easily lasts for up to 6-8 minutes and flying the drone in high mode only reduces flight time by about a minute. You can even replace the battery to get one that gives you additional flight time on each battery, for example, a 380 mAH battery.

Remote Controller

The remote control that comes with the Syma X11 is quite similar to a typical X-box controller. It gives you all the basic controls without an overly complicated design. The remote controllers D-pads and Joysticks make for a very flight and provide you with complete control. This remote control will feel perfectly comfortable in your hands especially if you are an avid gamer and are used to a remote control.


  • Provides great value for money.
  • The removable battery makes it easy to get a battery with better flight times and easy swapping.
  • Doesn’t need a platform for takeoff.
  • The controller has a minimalist design but provides absolute control.
  • Very durable and is best suited for beginners.
  • The drone has great maneuverability.


  • Doesn’t have a camera which means that it is slightly lacking from the entire drone experience.
  • The blades face damage because they aren’t as durable as the rest of the drone.
  • The drone requires regular upkeep.
  • The gears need to be cleaned regularly for long-lasting flights.


Overall, the Syma X11 is a great find, especially for someone thinking of taking their first step into the copter world. The drone is highly durable with a great and easy user interface. Whats more is that it can easily last for long periods of time and doesn’t shatter pieces with a few measly hits. Collisions are a part of learning how to fly and no one understands this better than the Syma X11.

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