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How Tech Can Deal With The Passing Of An Employee

the passing of an employee

Employees are vital to any business, and business owners can commonly develop a misconception that employees are replaceable at any given time and that their replacements will do as well at the job that the previous employee filled. But, this can often be wrong. If an employee has been working for a company for a long time and has come to know and respect the business as much as you do, it is not very likely that a new employee will have the same work ethics and will understand the company to its core like their predecessor did. When an employee is laid off, this can be hard enough for you, the company, and employees who knew them as it is, but when the worst happens and an employee falls ill, gravely ill, and passes away, their position can be very difficult to fill to the level that they achieved.

It is known nowadays for businesses to respect employees who have passed away by fixing placards and remembrance mementos to the office walls – or on or nearby the desk in which they used to sit. However, with technology evolving at a really fast pace, there are more options than ever in which to remember a colleague. A unique way of remembrance is to use laser marking machines to engrave stones or other heavy duty objects to fix outside the office, as an act of remembrance that colleagues, the public, and the employee’s family can see. This could be seen as a plausible and genuine way of remembering the employee and could show their family that the business really does recognize their achievements, dedication to the company and that the business respects the employee and misses them.

When filling the vacancy for an empty role, it is important that you choose the absolute right candidate. This is necessary as when an employee has passed away, anybody who fills their role will need to be sensitive to the tragedy that has happened and will also need to be aware that they are filling a role which is vacant due to an employee passing away. The right person will enter the role and make it their own, and soon enough colleagues will remember the previous employee fondly but there will be no hard feelings or sensitivity to their new colleague. If the wrong employee is put into place, this could result in further uncomfortable situations and could also lead to an even further loss in morale through the workforce.

As a business owner, it is very important that you keep yourself aware of how the passing of an employee can affect the whole workforce. This is especially true if the employee was well-liked, had been working for the company for a long time and had developed a good reputation and sound respect within the company. Offer employees time off, counselling, advice or even allow them to have a say in how they think the company should remember and respect their colleague that has passed away.

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