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The Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

the most dangerous jobs in the world

While the world might be getting to grips with coronavirus, and economic uncertainty is bringing job stability under threat, there are plenty of highly dangerous jobs around the globe that have continued throughout the pandemic. These jobs are crucial to ensure that the world continues turning, as fuel, power, utilities, food production, and construction rely on these occupations in some way. These dangerous jobs will take your breath away.


Mining has seen a vast array of technological advances in recent years. No longer are men heading underground in dodgy mineshafts with a canary to detect potentially hazardous gas. However, the gas is still there and being so far underground is dangerous if the caves dug out are large or unstable. Miners take their lives in their hands every day when they venture underground to quarry for coal, stone or precious metals.

Over eighty per cent of mining deaths occur in China. But disasters still occur in the US and can cause injury and heartache to many families, meaning that they have no choice but to get in touch with mining accident injury lawyers. Cave-ins, chemical leaks, and noxious fumes are a risk to life that every miner has to face.


Lumberjacks had the infamous honor of having the most dangerous job in the world last year. With 135 workplace fatalities per 100,000 lumberjacks, the risk of a falling tree or the mishandling of dangerous machinery was rife. Logging tall trees in vast and dense forest can be hazardous for even the most expert tree person.

Lumberjacks love their jobs as they relish being at one with nature, but they need to be alert at all times. One slip with a chainsaw or miscalculation of the direction of the falling tree could result in serious injury or death. Many loggers choose to use traditional methods when felling trees meaning that ropes and pulleys are used to hoist lumberjacks high into tree canopies. One slip and a hard fall could be endured.

Oil Rig Workers

Working on an oil rig is tiring. It is the fatigue and the journeys that workers have to make between offshore rigs that can cause accidents to happen. Oil itself is highly flammable.

Many oil field and oil rig disasters occur because of explosions causing severe burns and fatalities. Alongside this, oil workers need to work with powerful machinery, vehicles and chemicals which increase the chances of accidents happening. The Deepwater Horizon explosion a decade ago saw eleven oil workers lose their lives. The offshore rigs are marginally more dangerous environments than their onshore equivalents.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many professionals to work from home. Employers have been flexible in allowing their workers to adjust to a new normal. These individuals can sit in front of their laptop in the comfort of their own homes while sipping their favorite cup of coffee and watching a box set on Netflix. Danger is not something that these employees ever have to consider in their roles. However, for these dangerous professions, the normal hazardous environments consistently remain the same.

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