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How To Transfer Your Data From An iPhone To An Android Device

transfer data from iphone to android

Are you considering the switch from an Android device to an iPhone? If so, you’re probably worried about transferring your data with minimal loss or disruption. You don’t have to be a tech guru or an iOS pro to conquer it. The process is simple if you follow the advice of others who made the switch before you. Read up on these four things to know for a successful transfer between an Android and an iOS device.

Move To iOS App

With the launch of iOS 9, the Move to iOS Android app came alive. The app is helping customers everywhere, like those who receive savings on the latest iPhone from a carrier like T-Mobile, securely transfer their data. You can wirelessly transfer your contacts, messages, music, pictures, videos, e-mail accounts, and more from your Android phone to your new iPhone.

The Move to iOS app, available on the Google Play Store, will work with iOS 10 and later versions, too. During the transfer process, you will receive suggestions for free apps that were on your Android phone and available on Apple’s App Store. This will make the transition easier. To access apps that you purchased for Android, go to the wish list of the App Store where you’ll find your former Android purchases already tagged for you.

Your Google Account

Transferring your contacts from Android to iOS has become a lot easier. If you’ve already been utilizing your Google account on your Android smartphone, all of your contacts are probably linked to your Google account. First and foremost, back up your Android phone. Go to the Settings icon and tap Accounts and Sync. Make sure your Gmail account information is entered and syncing is enabled. Now, go to the Settings icon on your iPhone. Scroll down to Mail, Contacts, and Calendar and enter your Gmail account information for each one. Open the Contacts app on your iPhone and your contacts will load there.

Transfer Photos And Videos

There are two quick ways to transfer your precious pictures and videos from an Android device to an iPhone. One way is to install a data-transferring app such as Copy My Data or PhotoSync. Be certain to find and install these apps on the applicable device first. Then, the apps will walk you through the transfer of your photos and videos step-by-step.

Another way is to make the transfer with iTunes via a computer. Create an iTunes account if you don’t already have one. Connect your Android to your computer, locate the photos and videos that you want to move, and drag them to your chosen folder on the computer. Now, unplug your Android phone and plug your iPhone into the computer. Open iTunes on your computer and choose your iPhone. Select Photos, then select Sync Photos From, and choose the folder where you saved your Android photos and videos. Select Apply and the syncing will begin.

Transfer Music

The method to transfer your favorite music files from an Android smartphone to an iPhone is very similar to the photos and videos process. Repeat those tasks to move your music files. If using the iTunes transfer, select Library and then Music. Choose the folder where you saved your Android music, and drag the files to Music in iTunes. Unplug the Android and connect your iPhone, select iPhone, and then Music. You can opt to sync your whole library or manually select songs or artists. Then click Sync and the music transfer to your iPhone will be complete.

Allow your devices to complete their respective transfers without interruption. If a phone call comes through during the move, you may have to start the process over. If all of your Android apps do not transfer to your iPhone, locate comparable ones in the App Store to download. You should also check your iOS storage space to be sure that you will have enough available for the Android data. If you cannot resolve issues through troubleshooting, don’t be afraid to restart your devices and begin the steps again or ask for assistance from your service provider.

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