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Truecaller Has Partnered Up With Cyanogen

truecaller teams up with cyanogen

Great news today from Truecaller! In their official blog post they stated the following:

Just like Cyanogen, Truecaller is all about options; especially the option to know who is calling you at all times. Today we are thrilled to have Truecaller fully integrated into the native dialer on the Cyanogen operating system!

Although we are app makers, we also live through our user’s experience of Truecaller. We realize that being able to identify who is calling your most personal possession is an important part of streamlining your communications experience. That is why we feel it is essential that we partner with top companies to bring new mobile experiences users across all devices and platforms.

Our partnership with Cyanogen marks a milestone in the Truecaller history – we are seeing the difference we are making for the world through technology, and by integrating Truecaller within the Cyanogen OS dialer, it proves that we are not alone in this technical journey.

It also means your Cyanogen experience just became a lot more magical when performing tasks without you having to lift a finger.

Let’s face it. Not knowing who is calling you, having to fight off spam calls, and missing important names from your call history is annoying. Together with Cyanogen, we want to make these annoyances a thing of the past. All of these Truecaller features will soon be part of the next dialer experience on Cyanogen OS, and will be made available to existing users via an over-the-air update.

Thanks to you, our vibrant global community, Cyanogen users gain more choices, control, convenience, and a better overall communication experience on their mobile devices.

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