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Upgrade Your Phone’s Video Player With This Awesome App

one of the best android video players

With bigger and better screens and lots of available HD content, it’s become easier than ever to turn your Android phone or tablet into a portable theater. It gets even better because Android’s open architecture and app marketplace allow users to easily replace stock video players with a variety of excellent video apps, allowing you to get just the features you need. Ranging from light, easy-to-use players to highly configurable powerhouses, check out the best Android video player apps on the market today.

Video Player: HD & All Format is one of the easiest to use players. It supports just about every type of video format, and is super easy to operate.


  • Automatically recognize all video playback files on your phone.
  • Play multiple types of video formats, including high-definition video.
  • Support “MP4, MKV, AVI, 3GP, RMVB, MOV, FLV and other formats.
  • List all the video files and find them quickly.
  • Supports video captions, automatic synchronization.
  • Quickly adjust screen brightness.
  • Easy to adjust the video sound.
  • Exit to return to Quick Positioning Last playback position.

This is an video player you won’t want to miss out on. Download it from Google Play today and give us your feedback in the comments below!

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