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Using Emotional Advertising For Your Business

using emotional advertising for your business

Most of us believe that we use rational thought when making decisions. While there is some analysis still involved, we usually depend on one thing: our emotion. According to a book by Antonio Damasio titled Descartes Error, he said that when people make decisions, emotion is almost a necessary ingredient. It makes us consider past experiences related to the decisions we are about to make.

Because of how powerful emotions are, it is important for entrepreneurs to take advantage of this effect by pushing for emotional advertising. According to a study made by the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow, there are four base emotions and these are: sad, happy, anger/disgusted, afraid/surprised. So here is a guide to start encouraging buyers by provoking these emotions.

Share Your Branding Story

Inciting emotions does not start only with articles or ads, it can start with your branding story. Share how you came up with your business and the problems you want to address with it. Tell everyone your goals and vision for the future, and who you want to benefit from your enterprise.

This story must be seen in everything you post and publish like your tagline, choice of logo and colors, and everything on your page. Even your domain name must reflect your branding story. If you are having a hard time securing the domain name you like because someone has used it, you can use the WHOIS lookup feature and get the contact details of the owner. You can make negotiations and then immediately do a domain check with Crazy Domains or another site once the website owner agrees to release the name for you.

Stick To The Positive

The brands best known for showing the positive nature of man are Coca-Cola and Dove. Their campaigns to promote bonding, good times, and self-esteem were among the most successful and memorable. In fact, more brands are emulating these campaigns, just look at how Nike is now creating their advertisements. They are bringing focus to the common person wearing their shoes, rather than on athletes who used to grace their commercials.

Of course, these campaigns become more successful now mainly because of the current socio-political issues the world is experiencing. Positive advertisements that show the goodness in man is exactly the kind of short escapism consumers need. It is a welcome respite from all the news articles on everyone’s timelines.

Do Not Hesitate To Incite Fright

There is a lot of fright these days, but they are misplaced. Right now a lot of the fear stems from something new, unique, and uncommon. But the fear must be directed to more serious threats like the plight of our environment and the increasing number of species facing extinction.

This is why groups like the World Wildlife Fund are not afraid of showing animal guts on their campaigns if only to show us the consequences of throwing garbage in the ocean.

However, you must know where the line that crosses to controversy is so that you will not cross it. Remember the fear-based ads needs to make us rethink our actions and should not make people feel more scandalized. If you are going to create these kinds of ads, make sure it goes through a focus group.

Showcase Anger

Apart from fear, anger is an emotion a lot of marketers are avoiding. Angry content just makes people angrier, right? Well, not if you do it right. A campaign called the #LikeAGirl took an insult and turned it into something positive, featuring young girls showing everyone that doing things “like a girl” should not be embarrassing.

If you are going to create your own emotion inducing ads, make sure you believe in its message too. Consumers are very smart and know when they are being pandered to.

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