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VimChat Launches Text Messaging Platform To Improve Customer Service Between Businesses And Consumers

vimchat launches text messaging platform

Today VimChat launched an anonymous, spam-free text message service that allows customers to communicate with businesses they frequently contact. The revolutionary application aims to break down barriers that exist between businesses and their consumers by providing real-time support and technical assistance that is free of irritating spam while protecting the personal information of customers.

Texting is the most used app on smart phones with 97 percent of Americans using it daily, according to PEW Research Center. Text messages have a 45 percent response rate compared to a six percent response rate with emails. VimChat allows businesses to evolve with the changing communication culture, thus increasing their chances for success by addressing the growing demand for personalized conversations with consumers.

CEO and Co-founder of VimChat, Brent Wickam said, “VimChat eliminates the need for any consumer to pick up the phone and dial an 800 number. We keep businesses compliant, and consumers spam free, resulting in a win-win situation for both. We have built an application that will make conversations with businesses feel more like a text with a friend.”

Anonymity is a peak concern for millennial consumers, and while customer age is an important factor, it is not the only one. There are cases in which the immediacy of chat and text make it the preferred channel, even when the target demographic has a general preference for phone or email. Chat and text messaging often lowers the barrier to first contact, and with that, customers are more likely to ask a question first using this method over picking up the phone or sending an email.

VimChat also helps businesses stay compliant within all legal requirements under the E-Discovery Act, which mandates that text messages and chat communication be reproducible if brought before a court of law. Reproducing data through cell phone carriers can be tricky and VimChat solves this problem by allowing a secure method of storage for your conversations, keeping you and your business compliant.

Versatile payment plans are available and range from $9.99 for small businesses to $49.99 for larger companies making it easy and affordable to stay in contact with consumers. A free trial is available and comes with full set-up, complete marketing packet and full tech support.

For more information on VimChat or to download the app, visit or follow them on Facebook at VimChatBot and Instagram @VimChat.

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