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Virtual Reality Is Hitting WordPress

virtual reality is really hitting wordpress

WordPress has always been a digital publishing platform, but its content has been primarily articles, blogs, websites and other conventional, written word content. It is a place for people to share their ideas, start up their businesses and reach people all around the world with their words.

Now it is preparing to join the virtual reality revolution taking place all over the internet and throughout the entire technology industry. Virtual reality has made its way into a lot of different aspects of our life now, thanks to its affordability and ease of access at this point in its life cycle. It is almost pervasive to those who are involved heavily in technology. Virtual reality has made its way into our movies, our games, hosting events in VR, and the advertising we see and in many aspects of online usage.

VR Is Coming

Virtual reality is not necessarily something that removes a headset or goggles to work properly. It can be something as simple as a 360 view, and many websites are starting to offer this kind of integrated reality that allows you to experience the same things you are used to experiencing in new ways. WordPress has positioned itself as a content management system that is very forward thinking in the way it presents itself and the kind of content it offers. You will find that many of the blogs and other content on WordPress can now be viewed with VR or in a stereoscopic 360 view.

This is something that is fairly new to WordPress, but it has been an available plug-in on the site for some time now. VR is only now being officially a part of the WordPress platform, but other people have been playing around with it on WordPress for a while. What this means for the site is that more users on WordPress are going to have access to it and be able to integrate VR technology into their content.

They won’t have to download a bunch of updates, use workarounds or do a lot of troubleshooting to get VR technology up and running on their pages.

What Does This Mean For WordPress Users?

For those using WordPress as visitors and not as content creators, this means that their VR experiences will be a lot smoother on the website. If their browser is VR-enabled, then they can use a 2D view to see things in a 360 perspective. Now, if they are using a VR headset, they can experience augmented or virtual reality directly through the site, using Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Google Cardboard. They will simply need to click the button on the site that broadcasts the VR content into the headset directly.

Millions Of Users

There may not be much of an audience for this kind of content just yet, but there are some. Right now, there are a few million headsets out in the wild, and that’s a few million potential users for this VR content. The new changes to WordPress allow VR to be natively supported through the site, and that means that people can access VR content more easily than ever. It’s also easier for creators to produce VR content and get it seen by online users. This in turn increases awareness so what VR is capable of and how it can be used. Online creators working on WordPress are going to influence and motivate one another to do better and to create a new and exciting VR content. They will get to see what the other creators are doing with VR, and that can give them ideas about what they can do and where they can go with this technology. Now, a 2D display will still be limited in what it can show and what it can do. It may not be very immersive when compared to using a full VR headset. This can be an incredibly effective entertainment medium when used and viewed properly. So, most WordPress users will only be scratching the surface of what they can experience in VR being offered by the website.

The Future Of Websites And VR

Still, this could be the beginning of a surge of websites offering more VR content. We could see a lot of content creators take off with their ideas they began on WordPress and take those over to other sites. They would be spreading VR tech around and taking it in exciting new directions. That means that more people will be exposed to VR and want to make their own VR content or be a part of the VR trend.

In the future, we may even see websites that are dedicated to VR or that have their primary content viewable with VR headsets. As more and more people embrace the technology and invest in VR headsets and VR compatible devices, we will see VR content spread across the internet and become far more pervasive. It doesn’t have to be a fad or a short-lived trend, and it is up to sites like WordPress to make that difference in this part of the industry. WordPress has a lot of visitors every day, and they have a lot of influence over what kind of content is presented and how it is presented. If they can normalize VR and make it more mainstream by making it more widely available to content creators and accessible to website visitors, then that can mean that the future of VR will be a bright one and will last for a very long time.

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