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Want To Turn Your Average Sellers Into Stars? Here’s How

how to turn your average sellers into stars

Consider your sales team as the direct representatives of your company. They are the ones who are in close contact with customers and potential ones, and are present in important board meetings. That’s a large responsibility on their shoulders, so they need to be well-equipped to handle a variety of issues including having the correct answers, meeting challenges, and the ability to read into the client, among other traits needed.

If you’re not too impressed with members of your sales team, you can build up their potential through several means. So let’s have a look at what you can do to take the team from average to outstanding.


Even the best of salespeople don’t have the ability to just talk their way into a deal. There is preparation involved, and any salesperson should make preparation a habit. When you’re prepared, you’re ready to anticipate the comments or questions coming at you. Preparation will give you the upper hand by inspiring a customer to look at things in a different way, and view things in ways that never occurred to them before.

Right People In The Right Place

We tend to talk about sales as one big department, rather than separated areas of expertise, which it is. You have inside sales, field sales, sales development and more. You need to know very well the strong points of your employee, because you just might have the right person in the wrong place. Maybe your salesperson in the field would do better in sales development, where most of the time is spent making calls and emailing.

Personalize The Message

A customer or potential one doesn’t want to be talked to as a “customer” out of the many others. They want more personalization in what you’re telling them as a salesperson. This could call for some conversation intelligence which for many people is a new concept and they don’t know that there are tools and apps to help with this factor. While we often still view sales as a persuasion method, it’s really more about narrowing the gap between you and a customer for improved business results.

Dedication To Vision

Whatever you’re selling, you have to believe in it. When you’re dedicated to the goal, you will reach the destination easier. At the end of the day, a salesperson must deliver and it’s just a bit easier to deliver when you believe what you’re saying.

Keep Promises

Always make sure your team doesn’t deliver a promise that can’t be kept. Deals are often broken because sales people might say something that they believe the customer wants to hear, rather than making sure of the facts first.

Between Average & Great

There’s a very large gap between average and great. Some people just seem to have an innate built-in system to sell. Others are maybe not as gifted, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn and improve and become some of your most powerful salespeople. But in both cases, it needs hard work. If something isn’t working for your team, learn to pivot and work through the issues.

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