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Ways To Utilize Technology To Increase Business Productivity

increase business productivity

These days, the use of technology is vital in business. However, it can be difficult to know exactly how to utilize it when there is simply so much tech on offer. Small business owners may feel they are not big enough to reap the benefits of new tech, but this is not true. Businesses of all sizes can improve productivity and customer satisfaction by using technology effectively for its unique business efforts.

Here are 4 ways in which a company can use technology to increase productivity.

Employee Education

How productive your business practices are directly begins with your workforce. Employees should be provided with tools to help them succeed and employee education should be a priority for every business. Many companies are utilizing LMS (Learning Management System) software to deliver internal courses to employees worldwide. Bonus: This technology can be used externally too! You can use a LMS to help your partners and customers learn more about your business and your goods/services, as well.

At-Work Efficiency

Technology provides businesses with more efficient methods for carrying out many everyday business tasks. It is important, however, to remember that though technology can make it that much more efficient, it cannot fix poor business practices but rather, improve them. Tim Stone, vice-president of marketing for EMEA at Polycom says, “The trend in businesses today is to have a BYOD policy and let the employee chose the device that they feel most comfortable with. Most people carry multiple devices today; I have an Android phone, an iPad and a laptop. I use each depending where I am and what I’m doing. Equally important is to ensure that the applications that you want to run will work across multiple platforms.”

Information Management

With technology’s huge significance in today’s data-centric world, businesses have a multitude of information in front of them. Compiling and organizing the information in a productive way is crucial, something that a management information system (MIS) can do for businesses. A business can use a MIS to run company-wide reports, check on status of inventory and relative stats to teams, locations, etc.


Networking is crucial for all businesses, both in person and online. There will always be a place for in-person networking, but technology can help ensure that more activity can take place. Sometimes cross-country conferences or events are just not in the budget, for example. This is when technology can be leveraged so that professionals can still participate and follow along with keynote speakers, summaries and highlights. Events can even be fully streamed online. The Internet provides a way for businesses to share knowledge, broaden their community and customer prospects.

When making plans for future business ventures or ideas, it is important to keep in mind and up to date with current technology trends. Although it may seem expensive to set up (in some cases) it is a huge investment that will benefit you in the long run. Technology only continues to rapidly evolve and there continues to be new trendy business adoptions that could make a major difference for your own business.

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