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When To Outsource Performance Testing Of Your App Or Website

when to outsource performance testing on your website or app

Statistia, a market research portal reveals that the global outsourcing market was worth 89.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2017. In comparison to the previous year’s statistics, there was a 17 percent increase in the net worth. With outsourcing becoming a contemporary practice, businesses are willing to outsource anything from a system’s development to its testing.

Organizations are forced to continuously check for the performance of their websites and applications due to a rapidly changing environment. Even large brands and popular portals with a worldwide presence have experienced revenue losses and loss of face due to performance issues under heavy unexpected workload. Gartner predicts that performance testing is likely to have an exponential growth of nearly 18 percent from the year 2013 to 2019.

Outsourcing Performance Testing:

Outsourcing performance testing can be beneficial for a website under the below mentioned circumstances:

Skills & Resources

Performance testing is a complicated process. It begins with the creation of a baseline. After that, testers need to benchmark the baseline to evaluate a system’s robustness and efficiency. Organizations need skilled and experienced testers to handle automated testing tools. If the testing team does not have the required skill-set and experience to run performance testing, outsourcing saves an organization’s time from training its employees and providing them with resources.

Tight Deadlines

Performance testing is a time-consuming process which includes load testing, stress testing, smoke testing and endurance testing. To make a system undergo a large sequence of tests, proper allocation of resources (tools and testers) is required. With the shortage of time, entirely focusing on performance testing instead of the overall development creates mismanagement and overburdens the employees. Therefore, it is suitable to outsource it under tight deadlines.

Assurance Before Investment

Investing in a performance testing framework is a costly decision. Organizations need to ensure that the framework (JMeter, WAPT or Loadster) they are purchasing is compatible with their local environment. They also need to ensure that the framework can test the performance benchmark accurately and sufficiently.

If organizations need assurance before investment, outsourcing performance testing helps them achieve it. It produces a high ROI and helps organizations create an efficient testing environment using the right performance testing framework.


When a system fails to handle unexpected workload after its deployment, it means that testers have misdone load testing and spike testing during the overall performance testing process. As poor loading time and response time affects users’ preferences, it becomes compulsory to run performance testing to relaunch the product before losing more customers.

However, if testers are working on the new system, it may be cumbersome for them to leave the existing system and focus on the system failed during performance testing. It is also harder to find the performance bottlenecks at the end of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Pausing the testing process in agile slows down the SDLC. Therefore, organizations should outsource performance testing to let testers focus on the existing project and handle the anomalies in an effective manner.

Orientation In Agile

Outsourcing performance testing orients the testing processes in the organizations that use an agile methodology. As performance testing can only be done once the functional testing is completed, the test plans become disoriented when there is a huge performance issue (CPU saturation or slow load time). With other crucial tests (accessibility testing and UI testing) to cover in the next sprint, testers struggle to complete performance testing in the allotted time (decided in the scrum meeting). Outsourcing performance testing helps the agile team to go into the next phase without disrupting the SDLC.

Most Accepted Performance Testing Tool

There are a number of tools in the market that evaluate a website’s stability against abnormal workload. JMeter for load testing (a subset of performance testing) is a powerful tool to test the amount of user-load that an application can take. It is an open-source application written in Java. It simulates the load on a network and evaluates the network’s endurance in different scenarios.


Besides the need for an in-depth understanding of network, application, and browser operation, web performance testers need the ability to operate the testing tools and benchmark the performance metric. It is a time-consuming process which requires a substantial investment in performance testing tools. Outsourcing performance testing helps organizations in limiting their expenses and handling the bottlenecks of performance testing.

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