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Why Is A Machine Learning Application The Smartest Solution?

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If one looks at recent developments globally, one would conclude that the future of machine learning is rather bright. We can see how one day this technology will be incorporated into all business models. Machine Learning solutions are designed to assist managers, mostly in making swift and precise calls on the go. These decisions would be made using the previous data that was accumulated by the company and entered into the software. This software would then guide you towards the smarter decision, without the intervention of top management.

At TechGeek365, we believe Machine Learning has shown the world that it can make these decisions even in the absence of perfect data. Given the growth of smart algorithms, Business Analytics will move beyond the traditional means of Descriptive and Predictive analysis. Even for complex projects like Mobile Advertising Campaigns.

As tech gets more and more advanced, they would gradually launch Prescriptive Analytics, which would provide preemptive analysis using your data. This is going to be launched as a must-have tool for today’s business leaders.

A consultation database would make it easier for machines to consult experts and record their answers to certain queries for later reference. Alternatively, this also opens doors to the possibility that there will be no use for Chief Executive Officers to get involved in floor affairs.

Machine Learning Use Cases

The use of AI and Machine Learning in business applications and analysis may be considered a recent development but it is predicted to grow further and have major implications on the business world. Two very prominent Machine Learning use cases are:

  1. Expedia – The global travel and tourism giant has gained the capability of sustaining itself, mainly due to automation of its processes like booking and setting up schedules as well its operations like managing its application. This is done along with automated customer service as it constantly learns customer preferences from its “BFS” search tool, based on Machine Learning;
  2. Auto Trader – The automobile marketplace uses Machine Learning to provide its users accurate valuations. The AI-assisted system can distinguish between various features and sassing them value, in order to achieve this end.
  3. Oacdo – This organization offers an alternative to barcode scanning. This offering deals with Machine Learning and employs it to a very high degree.
  4. App Samurai This mobile advertising platform uses machine learning to better identify fraudulent content and assess progress of mobile apps on stores.

Machine Learning Best Practices

Despite offering endless possibilities, Machine Learning should be incorporated judiciously, since it cannot match the intuition and eclectic nature of thinking that comes naturally to human. Machines cannot understand context and emotions, as of now. This is why it is essential to ensure all the data being input has been made relevant for the computer.

The idea of using Machine Learning to assist mobile ad fraud detection and blocking is not uncommon. We have already mentioned how this tech is currently being employed by App Samurai. Besides this, Machine Learning is also assisting in providing advanced insights and optimizing campaigns for different mobile apps in the marketplace.

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