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XNSPY Review: A Complete One-Stop iPhone Spyware Solution

xnspy review

XNSPY is widely regarded as one of the best spying apps, thanks to its extensive list of features, first-rate 24/7 live support, and cross-platform compatibility. Furthermore, the tiered pricing options enables users to customize the software by including as much or as little, functionality they need. It’s an ideal set of features and budget friendly options that makes it a fan favorite and one-stop monitoring solution. Besides its versatility, XNSPY is equally suited to running on Android and iOS devices. The setup is a cinch to install and use. In most cases, users can start monitoring the target device as soon as five to 10 minutes after installing the app. However, if you are opting for ‘Non-Jailbreak’ version you don’t even have to physically access the target device to install the iPhone spyware. You’ll just need iCloud credentials of the target and Voila!

Does This Really Work?

This is an important issue. Generally, most of the programs work, but the question is: are they compatible with your device? Device compatibility is the major reason users often fail to get this type of application to work well for them. Each spy app caters to a variety of phones and tablets and XNSPY is no exception. The program supports an extensive range of iOS and Android OS versions. The no-jailbreak version of the app works on iOS versions 6.x up to 10.3.2. Whereas the jailbreak version works on 6.x up to 9.0.2 iOS editions. Similarly, the Android option also works with a number of OS ranging from 4.x to 7.0.


In addition to its compatibility the monitoring suite offers numerous advanced functions on par with any of its rivals. You will see that your subscription will allow you unfretted remote access to the target device and can even give you access into hard to crack instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Skype, iMessages, KIK, Tinder, Viber, Facebook Messenger and more. The phone logging functionality gathers all incoming, outgoing and missed calls data and uploads them along with time and date print to your personal web account. Likewise, the SMS and Gmail collection is no less effective. In fact, the app can even upload the deleted messages, so you can confront your partner or boyfriend with solid evidence.

Multimedia access ensures that users can get their hands on any video or image on the monitored device, especially the ones that are intriguing to employers, suspicious partners and parents. The developers of XNSPY iPhone spyware have also integrated a call recording feature in the app that lets you listen in on phone calls, and even turn on the microphone on the device to record the surroundings. While all the features are essential, but one functionality that stole the show and worth mentioning here, is the geofencing feature. It empowers you to geofence areas you deem safe or unsafe. Also, you can set alerts on specified zones to receive instant notifications whenever the monitored person vacates or enters a designated area or dwelling.

The GPS location function is also beautifully designed. It enables users to trace the exact location of the target with historical data and graphical map showing routes and destinations. Finally comes the online user control panel which bonds the whole system together. It loads the dashboard quite swiftly and it is extremely easy to access and use from anywhere at any time.

Stealth Mode

Fortunately, this spy app shows absolutely no indication while it’s in action. It works in the stealth mode and shows no pop-ups or notifications what-so-ever. It takes up very little space on the storage and doesn’t show up on the installed apps list too.

Customer Support

Customer service is another strong suit of XNSPY as it has made a mark for itself by delivering top notch support to clients around the clock. The company has also created an online knowledge base (FAQs) to facilitate the users who may experience any technical issues with the software. Here you will find tons of information regarding various troubleshooting techniques as well as usual answers pertaining to installation, usage, buying processes and more. In case, the online knowledge base fails to address your concern, you can always connect with the responsive live support and seek help.


XNSPY is a complete package of mobile tracking with management aspects which makes it a complete product and a reliable solution. On top of it, the app works with original non-jailbreak iOS devices that does not have actual entry, which gives it a significant edge over rivals.


The app does not support devices like BlackBerry or Windows Phone.


All these features make XNSPY a superior cell phone tracking app in its domain.

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