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Your Kids Will Love These 5 Cool LEGO Sets

lego sets that your kids will love

Kids love the idea of building and playing with LEGO that represents their real lives. LEGO continues to be a very popular item for children and the success of LEGO’s City sets is evidence of this. LEGO kids can build from the included instructions or customize and combine designs to suit their own creativity. This article highlights our top 5 LEGO sets to purchase for our child.

LEGO City Town Square Building Kit

Purchase this large set for around $185. Suitable for girls and boys age 6 to 12, the 1683 pieces include a tram, three cars, pizza delivery scooter, hot dog stand, newsstand, coffee shop and more. The LEGO City Town Square Building Kit is compatible with all other LEGO City sets and will build out a large area of your growing LEGO City.

LEGO City Town Fun In The Park – City People Pack

For around $44 this fun set can be purchased for your child to enjoy building and playing with a LEGO set that represents fun in the sun. 157 pieces of LEGO include a merry-go-round, baby stroller, wheel chair, lawn mower and 14 LEGO City mini figures. Girls and boys between the age of 5 and 12 will love the LEGO City Town Fun in the Park – City People Pack.

LEGO High Speed Passenger Train

This motorized locomotive passenger train is controlled by an 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control. The completely functional LEGO High Speed Passenger Train is approximately 4” high, 10” long and 1” wide and made up of 610 pieces. For around $145 boys and girls (aged 6 – 12) will enjoy building and playing with the included mini figures (train driver, cyclist, passenger), platform, seats, map of services, crossing, lights and warning sign. Set the tracks up in a circuit or expand with the compatible LEGO Flexible or Switch Tracks.

LEGO City Fire Station

The LEGO City Fire Station is made up of 919 pieces and suitable for boys and girls (aged 6 to 12). This fully working LEGO fire station includes five firefighters, a dog, hot dog stand guy, fire engine and helicopter. The set is packed full of firefighting gear and plenty of accessories for firefighting in your LEGO City. You can purchase this set for around $90 which is great value for all the inclusions this has. Kids will love playing with the fire engine truck and helicopter, computer, flames and furniture.

LEGO City Police Station

For around $99 you can purchase the very popular LEGO City Police Station. All cities need a police station and this set provides just the right tools for building, creativity and crime fighting. Boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 will both love building and playing with all 894 pieces. The police station features three levels and as this set is part of the LEGO City series it is compatible with all other City sets. There are hours of fun to be had with the seven LEGO mini figures, watch tower, cherry picker, crook’s truck, police car, motor bike and helicopter.

Need Help Deciding?

Choosing a LEGO set doesn’t have to be a challenge, while it can be overwhelming look at all the different themes and sets it’s easy to get advice. Speak with your local LEGO Store and they’ll be able to advice you on the hottest and best selling kits of 2018 and which one is best for you or your child.

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