4 Factors That Will Guarantee You Receive Bad Reviews

In the modern industry, reviews are important. Particularly, if you are running a company that sells products to customers rather than B2B. Bad reviews could cripple your business potential. It could send potential consumers scurrying towards your competition. As such, you need to protect your chances of getting great reviews from customers, both on and offline. It is important you do everything you can to win over the support of the customer and keep them loyal. Continued sales with the same customer is far better for the future of your business than one-off deals. You should be aware that certain factors will have an impact on whether your reviews are poor or great.

Slow Deliveries

If you are selling a product, rather than offering a service, you must make sure that deliveries are fast. You might be using a logistics company to get your product to customers. Or, you might be setting up deliveries yourself. Either way, you need to do everything that you can to get the product their on time. Part of this is ensuring you hire the right staff or choose the right company. Of course, investing the in best resources helps as well. For instance, having reliable vans in your fleet makes it far more likely that you won’t be affected by late delivery.

Bad Packaging

There is nothing that a customer hates more than a damaged product. Usually, this is because the packaging is poor or the wrong materials were used. If you are delivering sheets, you should use supplies from a source such as www.postaltubeshop.com. They provide the best postal tubes on the market and will guarantee customers get the product in the best condition. If you are delivering heavy items that might be delicate, proper packing is essential. Use bubble wrap and other materials to protect the product on its journey.

Zero Updates

You should constantly be interacting with your customers and updating them on what’s happening in your business. Not keeping them in the loop is a sure way to lose their interest. Particularly, if there is a problem with your service, product or deliveries. If you know customers are going to be affected by an issue you must tell them immediately. Don’t leave them guessing while you try to figure out a solution to the problem. The quickest way to sort out an issue like this is by updating everyone through social media. That way, one message will reach all your customers.

Poor Customer Service

If there is an issue with your company, you need to fix it, fast. Don’t leave your customers hanging around waiting for a solution. If there has been a failed delivery, make sure they receive a refund. If the item is damaged, you must provide a replacement. If the service was poor, don’t forget to reimburse them or offer them something for free. You might think this will cost you a lot of money. It is nothing compared to how much you could lose due to bad reviews.

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