Apple Reportedly Planning To Buy AI Startup To Strengthen Vision Pro

apple reportedly planning to buy ai startup to strengthen vision pro

Apple intends to purchase a German AI startup called Brighter AI, which specializes in anonymizing face and license plate data. The acquisition is aimed at enhancing the privacy features of Apple’s mixed reality (MR) headset, Vision Pro, as reported by 9to5Mac, citing sources.

Brighter AI’s technology is being considered by Apple to reduce the possibility of Apple Vision Pro capturing identifiable information in public photos or videos, according to reports.

Typically, these concerns do not arise when using an iPhone to capture footage. Nevertheless, Apple Vision Pro may raise concerns due to its ability to discreetly shoot videos compared to smartphones.

This technology could also prove beneficial in upcoming devices that aim to make photo and video capture less conspicuous. As mentioned in the report, when using Vision Pro to capture media, a subtle visual cue appears on the front panel.

Brighter AI’s advanced AI technology offers a unique capability to eliminate all data traces without compromising its clarity, making it an intriguing prospect for potential acquisition. The approach employed by Brighter AI ensures that subjects retain their natural appearance while remaining unidentifiable, as stated in the report.

On a different note, Apple has recently introduced Vision Pro in the United States on February 2, marking its official launch. The starting price for this cutting-edge device is $3,500.

Furthermore, the tech giant has unveiled a remarkable collection of over 600 applications and games specifically designed for the Apple Vision Pro headset.

Based on CNET’s tests, the headset encounters issues in differentiating between the wearer’s hand and the hands of individuals who enter the interaction space. This may pose challenges, especially in scenarios where users are in the presence of children or other people.

Apple has recently released a cautionary statement concerning the possible hazards linked to its mixed reality (MR) headset, Vision Pro, for individuals with specific medical conditions. The renowned technology company strongly recommends seeking guidance from a medical expert prior to utilizing Apple Vision Pro.

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