5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Using Ad Blockers

5 reasons why everyone is using ad blockers

When it comes to browsing the internet, ads are one of the most annoying parts of the process. Every time it feels like you’re getting onto a site and ready to find the content you’re looking for only to have an ad stop the browsing and cause you to look at the ad and while waiting for the X to appear so you can click the ad off the screen. This is positively irritating. It slows down the browsing experience, and really, how many times are you actually clicking on the ad to see what’s behind it? The reality is these ads are going nowhere, and this is just one of many reasons that folks use ad blockers.

Now, not all ad blockers are equal in their design. Some are large and cumbersome while others function as browser extensions. Regardless of how you choose to block ads, this is unfortunately something that must happen in order to have a pleasurable experience browsing the web. There are plenty of other reasons why folks use ad blockers though, and some are functional while others are for specific needs.

Worse User Experience On Web Sites

Not everyone has the same computer system and browsing capabilities and the problem with ads is they’re dense with content and code. An ad that has lots of images and functions takes time to download and execute. Meanwhile, the user can’t escape the ad and if they need to do something then they must wait. This is not ideal, and unfortunately this experience causes users to avoid websites with these ads in the future. A poor user experience is associated with a company and that company’s ability to attract and retain customers takes a massive hit.

In order to have a good user experience on sites, then ad blockers must be part of a browsing experience. During the dawn of ad blockers many users reported great experiences. However, the sites have caught up and now many sites refuse to load if there is an ad blocker in place. Once again, we are back to the bad user experience. The bottom line is the bad user experience is something that will doom a company if they are not careful.

Creating Control

The best part about a good ad blocker is that you get control over the sites that you want to display ads and the sites that you don’t. Specifically, when you are logging onto sites and you’re forced into waiting for ads to go through their cycle, you have no control over your experience. Having an ad blocker helps you regain that control. One of the best parts about an ad blocker is you can white-list different sites. This means if you trust the site and don’t mind the ads, you can create exceptions. This is perhaps the best solution for sites trying to stop ad blocks.

Many sites have protocol where they refuse to load because they employ software that detects ad blockers. These sites want to show ads and it makes sense – that’s how they can make additional money. If you trust a site and don’t mind seeing their ads, the control provided by an ad blocker is beneficial. Keeping the ad blocker on for sites you don’t trust is a great benefit.

Filtering Ad Content

By having ad blockers, inadvertently you force sites to be more in tune with your needs. If you are not visiting a site because of ads or the site is having their ads blocked, then it’s clear you’re not a fan of their ads because the ads are not relevant. Think about Facebook and Twitter – these sites use advertising algorithms to make sure the content is relevant to the needs of a particular user.

When you use an ad blocker, you are forcing sites to tailor their ad content to be more relevant to your needs. This helps them because it earns more money for their site and it helps you because it gets you to see actual products you would be interested in. This change wouldn’t be possible without ad blockers.

Mobile Data

One of the things everyone values most is their mobile data. Having a few well-reserved Megabytes of data can ensure that you have a smaller bill while getting the most out of your endeavors on the mobile web. Ad blockers do a great job in saving data because every time an ad loads, it requires data. If those ads are larger ads, then that means those ads are using more of your precious data than you otherwise would want.

Here’s the problem with ads and data: generally, you don’t care about the ads. You are going to a site because you want to see the content and the ads just get in the way while using up your data. Protecting your data is key to ensuring that you have no issue with your bill at the end of the month.


There are people in the world who are just wholesale opposed to seeing ads on their computer screens while browsing. For many of these folks, nothing can make them approve of ads, so the key is getting the ads to not be so in their faces. Ad blockers do a great job of keeping ads away from folks who flatly don’t want to see them. It is in this way that ad blockers can take stress out of browsing the internet.


There are a lot of different reasons why folks are choosing to use ad blockers. One of the key reasons is making sure that your browsing experience isn’t frustrating and cluttered. Ad blockers allow you to regain control over your web browsing and keep you in the driver’s seat in terms of what you wish to see and not see. Many browsers today have extensions for ad blocking, and these are quite helpful to cut through the clutter. Ad blockers have a lot of value and finding a good one is essential to having a great experience on the web.

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