5 Tips To Help Your Business Accept Online Payments

5 tips to help your business accept online payments

Advancements in technology and the internet have resulted in the change in shopping patterns, with many individuals presently preferring online purchases due to the convenience. Therefore, you should aim to streamline your online payment process making it as elementary and easy as possible. Consequently, this will result in increased conversions and sales. Once your customers’ carts are full, they usually are directed to the checkout page. The simplicity of the checkout process determines whether or not the online payment system will be successful. Here, we will take you through five tips for making your business’s online payment process easy for your customers.

Offer Your Consumer Numerous Payment Methods

For the success of your business’s online payment system, you need to incorporate the payment options often used on your website. To establish this, carry out market research on the most popular payment methods used by your target audience, and you will be better placed to make an informed decision. Moreover, consumers expect the checkout page to include several payment options, and if a popular method is absent, their perception about your brand changes. Thus, it is vital to always incorporate the most popular options, like credit cards and direct bank transfers.

Only Request Essential Information 

Consumers typically become suspicious if they are required to fill out numerous forms before they can complete their purchases. This subsequently results in the abandonment of the website, meaning no sales conversion. Therefore, always limit the number of questions, sticking to the relevant ones only hence simplifying the payment process. Furthermore, users want a purchasing process that saves time as it is more convenient. If you must ask for additional information apart from payment particulars, like the phone number, have an elaborate explanation of why this is needed. 

Provide Customers With A Seamless Design 

From a branding standpoint, it is crucial that everything from the headline, call to action, the checkout page and your entire website are consistent in terms of design, color and font. Doing this not only promotes brand recognition but also safeguards there is minimal confusion by the customers while navigating through the site. Consumers get wary of checkout pages which look different from the website’s other pages, primarily due to the increased incidences of scams and frauds. This lack of consistency between the checkout page and the rest of the site results in consumer skepticism, consequently causing low customer return rates.

Guarantee Security & Privacy Of Consumer Information 

There has been an increased rate of cybercrimes as well as the loss of privacy. Due to this, always show your consumers a comprehensive explanation of the measures you have implemented to safeguard safety plus assurances on the security of sensitive information. Doing this will make them feel more at ease to provide you with their personal information. Additionally, this trust can be further reinforced by not redirecting consumers to other sites when checking out as well as maintaining design consistency.

Permit Payment Without Necessitating An Account 

Why must a person have a username and password to checkout? This is something most consumers do not like and forcing them to create an account is often seen as too intrusive, especially for first-time consumers. Subsequently, this kills the conversion sales, with most consumers hesitant to set up these accounts because of the endless and nagging promotional emails. Therefore, opt for an online payment system that does not require the customer to create an account for higher conversions and sales.

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