6 Tips For New Life Insurance Agents

6 tips for new life insurance agents

A career in the life insurance field is as rewarding as it is challenging. While you cannot wait to start earning to achieve your personal goals as a new agent, you also have to learn how to market yourself, generate valuable prospective leads, and speak to potential customers about their protection needs. You further have to convince a client to purchase a product they cannot see, touch, or hold. If you are just venturing into the life insurance industry, here are six tips to help you win clients’ trust to leverage word-of-mouth marketing and ensure success in your new career.

Put Your Clients First

An effective way to earn trust and loyalty and leverage word-of-mouth marketing is by putting your clients first. Prioritizing your clients can also boost sales and enable you to get more profit. According to recent research, clients are willing to pay up to 16% more for products and services with excellent customer experiences.

To put your clients first, ensure that you are available 24/7 to allow them to reach out whenever they need your assistance. You should also provide flexible insurance coverage to enable clients to only fund what they need. Be sure to also invest in online approvals for life insurance agents to simplify the application process to save time, enabling you to focus more on generating leads.

Sell Value

When trying to win a new client, it is easy to focus on speaking about prices when discussing life insurance options. Although cost is a critical detail potential clients want to have, the choice of the best life insurance option should not be based solely on it. For this reason, you should let prospects know the value of each insurance option and explain in detail how the various coverages will protect their family needs. Providing clients with cheap insurance options makes them feel you lack the coverage they need to protect their interests in case a disaster strikes, and you may lose them to your competition. You also miss out on significant commission, so focus on selling value, not price.

Set Yourself Apart

Life insurance is highly competitive, and other agents often offer similar products and services. Consider branding yourself in a way that makes a client more comfortable choosing you, even if they could get the same products and services elsewhere at a more affordable rate. This involves being mindful of how you speak, carry yourself, your demeanor, and interact and engage with prospects.

Be sure to use platforms like LinkedIn to market yourself to stand out. For instance, you could publish educational content tailored to your target audience’s pain points. This helps prospects view you as an expert or professional in the life insurance industry and be at the top of their minds when shopping for life insurance coverages.

Personalize Communications

Life insurance is one of the most personal businesses. This is because you offer products and services that can only be used when disaster strikes in your client’s life, so it is crucial to add a personal flair to your interactions and communications. Strive to know your clients on a personal and professional level. You should then take note of the little, important details in their life, including birthdays, and reach out to them.

By sending holiday cards and thank you notes, among other messages, on special occasions instead of only reaching out during insurance renewal, you show clients that you care and value them. This helps you win their trust and stand out from the competition. Add a personal touch to your communication by handwriting your promotional materials and other messages.

Find A Mentor

One of the most effective ways to avoid making mistakes and be successful in life insurance sales is by leveraging other industry professionals’ skills and experience. Join your company’s mentorship program or network through professional organizations to find a mentor. As a new life insurance agent, a mentor can help you learn the insurance field, acquire helpful sales techniques, and gain leadership skills to build confidence.

Uphold Transparency

The best way to persuade clients to take the desired action is by being transparent. Without transparency, trust is broken, and clients will likely seek services from another agent. For this reason, you should be clear when providing quotes, discussing coverages, and reviewing risks. Ensure that you provide the client with all details to enable them to make informed decisions.


Becoming a successful life insurance agent requires perseverance and hard work. You should put your customers first, maintain transparency, sell value, not price, and set yourself apart. Be sure to find a mentor to streamline processes to help you expand your customer base and close more sales.

About Brian: Brian Jackson is the founder of Shoestring Branding - a marketing and branding blog for entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on internet-based tools and strategies.