Best Services To Build A Professional Business Website

build a professional business website

Any business should be available online to be profitable and attract the attention of clients. The best way for you to go online is to launch a business website, which will perform several functions at a time. The website will effectively present your business to the local and foreign communities, thus increasing your chances to find new partners either in your country or abroad. It will also provide clients with all the required information, which will be regularly updated. As a result, this will contribute to your customer trust rate. What’s more, a business website will increase the amount of sales, thus, helping you gain extra profit.

There is only one nuance you have to be aware of, if you wish to reach all these goals. You website should be professional. It should feature quality, nice appeal and functionality. Otherwise, your clients may be disappointed with it and may switch to your competitors, having lost trust in your services and their quality. What’s the best way to achieve this goal? If you lack time and money to hire a professional web designer, then it makes sense to use website builders. These services are simple, functional and affordable – right what you need to create a professional business website. Let’s review top 5 website builders you can use to launch a business website from scratch.


SITE123 is a universal website builder, which can come up to any web building purposes. You can build any website type with no hassle and waste of time here. A business website is not an exception. The system is convenient and easy to use for everyone. Whatever web design experience you have, you will cope with the task in several hours, being satisfied with the result.

The website builder comes with lots of responsive templates. Your choice should be initially based upon the type of business you run, the amount of time you have and the web building goals you pursue. To simplify the choice, the developers of the system have subdivided the templates into thematic categories. These include sports, medicine, business, restaurant and food, photography, fashion and beauty etc. There are around 10 templates in each category, so, the choice is quite extensive. In case you are pressed for time or just don’t wish to bother with the choice of template, the system will automatically generate the theme that suits your business niche most of all. This allows saving your time and contributes to the efficacy of the web building process.

SITE123 provides lots of features to newbies and web design experts. The abundance of flexible web customization tools, availability of the intuitive dashboard, rich image and font galleries, powerful social media integration features and 24/7 customer support team make it possible create any website design you wish from scratch. The system also offers an advanced multilingual tool, which allows designing any language versions of your website. If you plan to look for foreign clients or partners, this feature should be a priority to you.


SITE123 is a modern, stylish, affordable and functional website builder that has universal character. It’s possible to create any type of website with the system, while the abundance of features and options will enhance the result, meeting your business needs. The service is super easy for everyone. Designing a website with it won’t be a problem neither for non-techies nor for professional web designers. It is definitely worth your attention.


Ucraft is a drag-and-drop website builder, which is a nice choice for users willing to create websites either for personal or business goals. The system can be effectively used to launch any website type without the need to use any coding skills or web design experience. Ucraft features simplicity and convenience, which is a benefit for people, who are pressed for time and lack the knowledge of web design basics to build websites on their own.

Ucraft offers a nice selection of responsive templates, all of which are optimized to be viewed on any mobile device. To simplify user’s choice, all the templates are subdivided into thematic categories depending upon the type of websites they are used for. Each theme comes with a detailed description and a preview option, which allows exploring the design and characteristics of a template prior to choosing it. Ucraft has powerful design customization features that can be flexibly utilized to create your own website with unique design. The same effect can also be achieved by using a collection of ready made widgets and blocks, which can be arranged at the page to give it outstanding structure and design.

When it comes to functionality, Ucraft stands out from the crowd due to the availability of the extensive gallery of fonts and media elements, versatile thematic widgets, Logo Maker etc. The most distinctive feature of the system that is worth mentioning is the multi language tool. It allows creating websites with different languages, which makes it possible to achieve numerous personal and business goals. Ucraft can also be integrated with several popular web services like Google analytics, Hotjar, Intercom etc.


Ucraft is a worthy solution for people, who value their effort, time and money. The system offers three pricing plans for newbies and web design pros looking for advanced functionality. One of the plans is free and is specially meant for non-techies. Users, who have already tested the service and wish to keep using it in future, may sign up for the lifetime plan, which is also quite affordable.

IM Creator (XPRS)

Whether you are an artist willing to create your own portfolio or an entrepreneur aiming at launching a profitable business website, IM Creator (XPRS) is one of the services you should initially test. This website builder is a nice choice for people of any profession and web design skills, who wish to establish reliable web presence at affordable cost.

IM Creator (XPRS) comes with a set of ready made templates, customization of which doesn’t take much effort and time, but ensures decent result. It’s quite easy to find the template that meets your business specialization most of all, because all the themes are subdivided into thematic sections that correspond to diverse niches. These are landing pages, online stores, wedding websites, restaurants, fashion and creative arts, portfolios etc. The system generally offers over 100 mobile-optimized themes, the quality of which won’t leave anyone frustrated.

To create the desired website structure, style and layout, you just need to choose and use the system sections. There are many of them you can choose from here. Proper arrangement of these sections results in the creation of a quality and distinct website design, be it a portfolio, a landing page, an eCommerce website, a blog or any other website you’d like to create with XPRS. What’s more, it’s possible to use extra elements to bring your website design to the advanced level. The most popular elements include images, fonts, icons, animations and what not. A convenient mobile app the system offers its users allows managing the website content on the go, which contributes to the ease of use and time economy.


IM XPRS is a quality website builder, which is worth the attention of users willing to create functional and visually appealing websites. The system will especially be in demand with people of creative professions and entrepreneurs looking for excellent functionality features. There is no need to be a web design pro here – all the steps of the web building process are understandable and intuitive. As of today, IM Creator (XPRS) offers three plans for different categories of users. A free plan is meant for non-commercial organizations, students and creatives. It comes with unlimited hosting, domain connection option and other valuable features that contribute to the effective and affordable web design process. Paid plans, in their turn, are created for business owners searching for advanced web design features. There is also an opportunity to opt for the White Label plan, if you wish to use the system under your brand name, thus increasing customer trust.


Mobirise is the offline software, which allows building quality websites at no cost at all. The website builder has to be downloaded and installed prior to proceeding to the process of your website creation. The software comes with advanced features, which are quite understandable and easy to use for non-techies. This is because the system was initially created with the needs of newbies in mind, who have not got used to dealing with complex web codes and intricate web design tasks.

Unlike other website builders, Mobirise doesn’t have any standard templates. It is a user, who is responsible for the efficacy of the web design process and controls each stage of it in the WYSIWYG website editor. The design and structure of a web page are the result of proper arrangement of thematic blocks the system comes with. All in all, you can choose between 600 blocks divided into three sets to meet your web design requirements and budget. The blocks, which are used most often include blogs, articles, sliders, Google maps, social media elements, photo galleries etc. The choice is really stunning, which makes it possible to create unique design of your website in less than no time.

Mobirise is currently used to create different types of websites. These include promo websites, portfolios, landing pages, eCommerce websites, small business websites etc. One of the most distinctive features of the system is its affordability. Mobirise is completely free for everyone, irrespective of the type of a website that is under construction, user experience or web design endeavours. The ready made website, however, requires hosting and domain name, which have to be purchased here. The same is about extra extensions you plan to use to give your website advanced functionality and stunning design.


Mobirise is definitely worth the attention of users, who expect to avail decent result at affordable cost. Absence of paid plans makes the system more appealing to people, who are just starting their web design career and wish to experiment with popular website builders prior to making their choice. Mobirise is free, convenient, easy-to-use and functional. This is a nice choice for newbies and experienced website developers.


If you are currently in the market looking for a reliable website builder to launch a quality business website, then uKit is the service you should definitely explore. The website builder is convenient and very easy to use. It is affordable and user-friendly and it allows all users with no exception to create attention-grabbing websites. The service abounds in valuable features that can bring your website to the brand new level.

uKit template collection is so rich that you’ll need time to explore it and choose the right variant. The templates are of high quality and are responsive by default. There is no need to possess web design skills to create your own website with this contemporary system. Just choose the template that meets your niche specialization and make use of the abundance of flexible web customization tools. If you feel that the theme of your choice doesn’t come up to your needs, you may select a blank template and design your website from scratch by managing and structuring the widgets, adjusting the required color palette, using thematic blocks and other design elements.

uKit is a stylish website builder, which offers drag-and-drop functionality. By choosing and arranging website blocks, you give it personalized look. Apart from this, the system offers blogging and eCommerce functionality, LiveChat options, interactive widget gallery, SEO features and other web design elements that contribute to your website efficacy.


The website builder can be used by web design pros and those users, who are just starting their career. No coding skills, intuitive dashboard, reliable customer support and advanced functionality make uKit stand out from the crowd. The system is currently one of the most popular business website builders.

Bottom Line

Any business requires a professional website to drive clients and generate profit. Website builders are the most effective solution for everyone, who is going to launch a business website, but lacks time or money to order it from professional web developers. These systems can meet the needs of non-techies as well as those of experienced web designers due to the extensive range of features and stunning functionality they offer. They are convenient and ensure the intuitive web design process. They don’t offer expensive pricing plans, which is an extra benefit. The result you will achieve when using website builders, however, will come up to your expectations, budget and business goals.

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