You Can Build It: 5 Great Website Builders To Help You Do It Yourself

best website builders to choose from

It has never been so easy to build your own website for your business, with all the functionality and eCommerce features you need to make money. However, with the wealth of different website builders available, it’s hard to know which is the best platform to use that delivers what you need your website to do. It’s always worth checking out reviews of website builders to find out more about how they work from third party sources rather than the developers themselves for a clearer picture.

Here we look at five of the best website builders out there:


Wix is one of the more popular website builders on the internet, probably because it has been around since 2006, now providing services to more than 37 million websites internationally. Wix was originally based on Flash technology although following years of glitches with it, the firm switched to HTML5. This has resulted in a effective platform for building high-quality websites that is continually being updated. Wix offers powerful management applications and has improved support for eCommerce websites, which wrapped together in a bundle of easy drag and drop design makes this one of the more robust web builders available.


This is a great website building platform for businesses looking to launch their own online store. Shopify has everything you need to create a full-functioning eCommerce website that is customized to your specific requirements. There’s no need to understand code with Shopify as its drag and drop editor and eCommerce widgets are very easy to use. Shopify also allows you to tweak the SEO aspects of your online store to get more recognition from buyers by guiding you through the process of creating meta tags and suchlike. SEO is a significant challenge for online stores and Shopify excels at providing support on optimization with extremely useful tutorials.

Site Builder

SiteBuilder is a solid web builder that is known for its simplicity of design and easy to use functionality. This is a relatively new web builder platform, having launched just three years ago although it has grown significantly in that time. SiteBuilder is targeted at small business owners and freelancers and offers the tools to not only build high-quality websites but also to establish a more visible online presence and develop a marketing strategy that includes email and social media marketing. This is a great all-rounder for websites not requiring any eCommerce elements such as a checkout facility.


Although Simbla is a relatively small operation, it is rising in popularity as a website builder platform largely because of its array of available features. Simbla also places significant emphasis on SEO that raises it above the parapet slightly in comparison with other web builders. This is a easy to use platform that allows you to create a responsive website with relative ease. The only drawback with Simbla is that it doesn’t have much in the way of eCommerce functionality for those wishing to build an online store. This is something the platform may address in the future, which will boost its popularity even further.


Weebly is an extremely simple website builder that is targeted at small businesses or people wanting to create a professional or personal website. A feature of Weebly that makes it stick out a little from the rest is that it is available in several languages including Portuguese, English, French, Chinese and Japanese amongst others. This is particularly useful for businesses or professionals looking to build a multi-lingual website. In many senses this is the best website builder if you want to create a slick looking website without any knowledge of code at all.

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