Charicycles: Bicycles That Descend From A Historic Lineage Of The Japanese Mamachari

While the name “Charicycles” might sound funny at first, this new concept of bicycles might be the start of something new. I’ve been looking over their website and here are the quick facts on this fresh new company.

What Are Charicycles?

Our bicycles descend from a historic lineage of the Japanese bicycle. At Chari Cycles, we up-cycle bicycle frames to promote sustainability and a clean environment while encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

What Is Up-Cycling?

Up-cycling is the art of taking something that isn’t doing too well and making it perfect again, instead of throwing it out. At Chari Cycles, we find bicycle frames that have been forgotten and restore them into the beautiful bikes they once were, giving them a re-newed heartbeat and home, while promoting a cleaner environment.

The world currently produces 3.5 million tonnes of solid waste per day. That is equivalent to the weight of approximately 500,000 African elephants, which is the equivalence of their total global population. Basically, we humans, produce in solid waste per day, the equivalence of the total weight of the global population of the African Elephant!

We Customize

Pick the colors that tell us the most about you! Just like your outfit, your ride is a statement about your character. Customize each part of your bicycle to make it an extension of yourself.

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We Giveback

Remember when you started riding a bicycle? Pushing that pedal and feeling invincible as you floated through your neighborhood with the wind softly brushing your cheeks.  And while your destination might have changed each time, the journey always had one thing in common: Freedom. And because every child deserves that feeling, we at Chari Cycles, promise that every bicycle we sell contributes directly to funding bicycles for children in  refugee camps. Giving them access to your bicycle journey’s common denominator.

Refugee camps are artificial environments where everyone is restricted in their freedom of movement. According to the UNCHR paper by Barbara Harrell-Bond, when children are asked to draw ‘refugee life’ they associate the word with violence and death.

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Children have a right to a free, innocent childhood, regardless of their environment. And although riding a bicycle will not make their problems go away, we hope that a bicycle ride will give these children access to a sense of freedom.

That is why, at Chari Cycles, we promise that every bicycle we sell contributes directly to funding bicycles for  children  in refugee camps.

Why Choose A Chari?

  • Built With You In Mind
    We would never want you to change a trendy outfit because of a bike ride. The Chari bikes have been functionally designed so you don’t have to. The low bar frame allows you to easily hop on and off the bike whether you were wearing pants, a skirt or a Kandora.
  • Enviromentally Friendly
    Riding a bicycle is a direct reduction to the world’s pollution. The Chari bike takes it even a step further with it’s eco friendly dynamo light, which is solely powerd by spinning motion and requires no battery. Allowing you to commute with a healthy body and happy mind.
  • Durable
    Chari bikes are known for their Japanese durability and long life. Those practical features are what allow us to up-cycle them rather than use brand new frames. They love the environment just as much as we do. Add a wicker basket and carry your stuff all at once.
  • Up-cycled
    Our Chari Cycles are made of forgotten vintage bicycle frames that just need a little bit of love. We add that and make them beautifully functional again, like brand new.
  • Customized
    Your bicycle is an extension of your character. If none of our designs express your character, design your own dream Chari by visiting the ‘Customize It’ tab.
  • Made in Dubai
    Although our Chari Cycle frames hail from Japan, they are re-born in Dubai. Dubai is our hub from design to up-cycling and customization.

Want A Chari?

Interested in a Chari bike of your own? You can visit the official Charicycles website, Facebook page, Instagram account or email them at

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