Coffee Company Allows Customers To Pay With A Poem On World Poetry Day

Poets of the world, put away your wallets, and pull out your journals.

Julius Meinl, a Vienna-based coffee company that operates in more than 70 countries globally, is celebrating World Poetry Day on Saturday by allowing customers to pay for their brews with an original poem.

Most of the company’s 1,100 participating locations are in continental Europe and the UK, but there are also a few locations in Asia and the Middle East. Sadly, if you’re not in Chicago, you won’t be getting your free cup in the U.S.

Julius Meinl is promoting the campaign on its official Facebook page, while customers have been discussing it on Twitter, using the hashtag #PayWithAPoem.

Let’s hope most of them have a haiku or limerick in their back pocket because no one wants to recite an epic for their barista.

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