Easy Ways To Improve Your Workplace Health & Safety

easy ways to improve your workplace health and safety

Creating a safe workplace doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a few easy ways in which you can improve your workplace health and safety. Below are just a few simple measures worth taking.

Provide PPE Where Necessary

PPE typically isn’t very expensive and there are many cases where it can prevent major injuries and health problems. There are some obvious examples of when to introduce PPE such as supplying gloves and helmets to construction site workers. There are also less obvious examples such as giving out earplugs or ear defenders to employees using noisy machinery for long periods to protect their hearing.

Train Your Employees Well

Good training can help to prevent many injuries. Health and safety protocols should be taught to all new employees and should be strictly enforced. For example, in jobs that involve regularly lifting heavy objects, employees should be trained to lift from their knees and should be reprimanded if they try to lift a heavy object any other way. Creating an employee handbook is a little more effort, but can be useful for reminding employees on how to carry out protocols.

Get First Aid Qualified

A first aid qualification could provide you with the knowledge needed to help an injured employee in the event of a serious work accident.  First aid qualifications are not hard to obtain – in fact, you can get qualifications online by taking a simple test, which you can learn more about here. You could also consider asking employees to take this test so that you’re not the only one with first aid training.

Encourage More Breaks

If employees are forced to work for long periods without breaks, it can increase the risk of injuries due to fatigue and reduced concentration. Consider whether it’s worth increasing the number of breaks to make your employees more productive and to reduce the risk of injuries. This could be particularly necessary with physically exertive jobs or jobs that require using potentially hazardous machinery.

Use Labels And Signs

Labels and signs are an easy way to alert people of dangers. Examples could include placing ‘mind your head’ signs over low doorways and making sure that ‘caution wet floor’ signs are put up when mopping the floor. Signs and labels are particularly useful for machinery and tools.

Outsource Professional Cleaners

If your workplace isn’t kept thoroughly clean, it could result in employees getting sick. If you and your employees already have a lot of work to do each day, consider whether it’s worth outsourcing professional cleaners to come into your workplace and take over the task. Take your time to find a local cleaning business that you trust.

Hire A Professional Health & Safety Advisor

Sometimes identifying potential dangers can be the hard part. There could be lots of hidden risks lurking in your workplace. Hiring a professional health and safety advisor to carry out an audit can help to identify these hidden risks. The advisor will also be able to tell you which risks need addressing most promptly and how to address them.

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