Gadgets And Accessories To Make The Workplace More Human

We spend most of our lives in the office. Well some of us do. And that’s why I think it’s important to do what we can to make office spaces more livable.

In the West, we seem to have this rather annoying culture where we do everything we can to make the working day as unpleasant as possible. Men have to wear a form of noose around their necks all day long, whilst women fuss about exactly what they should wear each day. Offices are often blank, economically-efficient boxes with little thought for the organisms dwelling within.

So what’s out there to make work feel a bit more alive and in tune with our more human needs?

Varidesk Pro

The Varidesk pro is one of the most exciting innovations in office tech that I’ve seen for years. And it’s so simple.

It’s essentially a height adjustable desk that you can put on your desk. The point is that it allows you to stand up whilst you work. Ten years ago, people would have wondered why on Earth anybody would want to do that. But science has since shown that sitting is the new smoking. And as a result, there’s a huge demand out there from people wishing to protect their health.

The Varidesk pro lets us take a small step back to how our ancestors lived. They weren’t sitting in a chair all day tapping at a keyboard. They were standing up, moving around and looking for where their next meal was coming from. No, the Varidesk isn’t a survival expedition, but I feel that it’s got the right idea.

And given that it requires no additional set up beside placing on the desk, I feel like there should be a place for these in offices around the country.

Metal Business Card Holder

People love to personalize their possessions. Even in the earliest recorded human civilizations, people made and sold jewelry and other unique items. The metal business card holder at is both stylish and sleek. And saves you from having an inside suit pocket bursting with business cards that could go everywhere.

Natural Light Lamp

Natural light is becoming a major talking point. Why? It’s because people are finally realizing that artificial light isn’t actually that good for our bodies.

The problem is that it tends to mess with our hormones. In the day, we’re in dim environments when in fact we need the sun. So our bodies never really seem to fully wake up and get going. And then in the evenings, when it gets dark, our environments are saturated with blue light from screens, preventing sleep.  

Now, however, you can, at least, solve the daytime problem with a natural light lamp. There use newfangled LED technology to deliver and light in a spectrum that is more appropriate than traditional lamps. Plus you get to light dark corners of the office and mimic the natural light of the sun.

If you want, you can take this further by converting those ugly ceiling panels in your office into skylights. Having natural light in the office will improve the mood and allow you and your colleagues to bask in nature’s glory.

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