Is This Hidden Issue Damaging Your Business?

issue damaging your business

There’s one hidden issue that could damage a lot of business. And, that issue is temperature. That’s right, the temperature of your office can be a big problem, particularly regarding employee productivity. Take a look at this article to find out more:

What Happens When It’s Too Hot?

When your office is too hot a lot of things can happen. Mainly, your employees get very disturbed and distracted. We all know it’s hard to concentrate when you’re boiling and sweating lots. It plays on your mind and becomes your main focus rather than working. You just want to get through your work as fast as possible and run outside to cool down. As a result, lots of work gets rushed, and mistakes are made.

How Can This Be Fixed?

Hot offices are more common than cold ones for some reasons. Mainly, you have lots of electrical equipment that gives off heat. So, that can really amp up the temperature and make it close to boiling point. But, there are ways you can keep things cool and get the temperature to a bearable and comfortable level.

Firstly, address the equipment issue and buy fans for your computers to stop them from overheating and creating more heat than you need. Then, think about installing commercial air conditioning to cool the place down when it gets too hot in the summer. If you’re hot but don’t want to waste the AC, you need to have windows that can open at adjustable levels. What I mean is a window that doesn’t just open fully or close fully, it can be in between.

Now, you have measures in place to cool everyone down and get them working more productively once more.

What Happens When It’s Too Cold?

Cold offices are only a problem during the autumn/winter months. When people are cold, they have a similar reaction to when they’re too hot. They start to focus on how cold they are and look for ways to warm themselves up. They might stand up and walk around or go and make a cup of coffee to warm up. In the end, they waste more time at work, and less gets done.

How Can This Be Fixed?

Fixing an office that’s too cold is easier than fixing a hot one. Mainly, this is because your employees can do more about it themselves. They can wear extra layers and stay warmer while they work.

But, you should also think about using your central heating system when it gets too cold, and warm people up. Maybe even get some thick blinds or curtains installed during the winter to keep heat from escaping your office.

Now, you can keep your office warm when it’s too cold and help boost productivity.

As you can see, your employees struggle when it’s too hot or too cold. Their performance dips, and they either do less stuff or rush through stuff making loads of mistakes. So, address this issue and stop it from harming your company.

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