How Technology Is Transforming The Package Delivery Industry

how technology is transforming the package delivery industry

Since technological advancement became the tool for global transformation, its positive effects have made life easier. The package delivery industry is no exception, especially as technology has helped improve the safety and security of delivered items. Moreover, the global industry is expected to grow at a rate of 4.9% by the end of this year, making it more important for them to adopt these smart tech innovations. Here are a few.

Drone Delivery

A Google search on drone deliveries brings up a lot of information about l various countries that have tried using drones for things other than capturing scenes. However, Iceland is credited with the world’s first drone delivery service. This tech piece delivered (and continues to deliver) food and other goods to residents in that country. Since then, other nations have found the need to implement the same in their respective courier sectors.

Fortunately, this has improved courier services, and people seem pleased with the innovation. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Statista estimates that the drone delivery industry is bound to have a market size exceeding $600 million by 2030. That is excellent news in this region, especially as this belt experiments with other ways to use drone services. This opens up great opportunities for tech giants to invest in the sector, especially when there are indications of a colossal return for the e-commerce industry.

Electronic Parcel Lockers

This package delivery system safeguards the security of a customer’s item. Research by logistics company Clutch stated that 51% of people worldwide had stolen at least one delivered item from their front doors in the last six months. As cases of such nature increased worldwide, it has become imperative for courier services to look for secure ways to safeguard delivered packages.

This is where innovations like the parcel locker come into the picture. Electronic parcel lockers can be used in homes, apartments, commercial facilities, etc. As a more appropriate solution to resolve several types of customer complaints, it has become necessary for companies, real estate companies, and households to invest in these electronic parcel lockers.

Package Tracking System

History credits Federal Express (FedEx) with the modern package tracking system. In 1979, the global courier giant introduced the COSMOS – which stands for Customers, Operations, and Services Master Online System. The company introduced the numeric code, which allowed customers to confirm where their parcels were. However, sources reveal that this numeric code coordination was initially an internal control system for only FedEx courier staff to track parcels to be delivered.

Later, when it became successful internally, the company decided to try it with customers, and it caught on. Package tracking is a system that enhances the safety and security of delivered items. Customers can enter their order number on the courier company’s website and immediately know the location of their parcels. By allowing the visibility of items in transit, people are assured that their orders are safe and secure. With the help of the internet, they can follow what they ordered, further reducing customer complaints about late deliveries.

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