How To Build A LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For SaaS Startups

how to build a linkedin marketing strategy for saas startups

Traditional marketing approaches often result in an endless loop of rivalry and oversaturation in the fast-paced world of SaaS firms. Current digital opportunities offer a different route if you want to genuinely stand out and leave your mark.

We’ll explore a non-traditional method for developing a LinkedIn marketing plan for SaaS firms, one that encourages authenticity, creativity, and unorthodox methods while utilizing LinkedIn’s hidden gems.

What Is A SaaS Startup?

Let’s start with the basics: software as a service (SaaS) startups offer – well, software as a service, usually via a subscription model. SaaS firms frequently employ a freemium business model to draw in and keep clients. A functional, but limited product will be offered to clients for free, and some advanced and supplemental functions will be charged.

The primary goal of SaaS startups is to provide a particular software solution to a target market. SaaS firms come in a variety of forms, but they all aim to offer software that is user-friendly and available to a large number of people.

Cultivate Authentic Connections

Making connections with as many individuals as possible is a common strategy in the conventional LinkedIn marketing playbook. However, SaaS firms won’t always succeed by amassing a big network of inactive contacts. Rather, concentrate on developing genuine relationships.

Start by figuring out who, regardless of their line of work or industry, truly gets your SaaS service. Have deep discussions with them, impart insightful knowledge, and make an effort to comprehend their particular problems. In the long term, forming genuine, deep relationships can lead to bigger chances and collaborations.

As for the residue connections, LinkedIn offers very limited functionality in dealing with this issue. If you want to sort, filter, tag, and remove all the unnecessary connections en masse, it is a much better idea to use one of many quality software solutions designed specifically for this.

Share Vulnerability

The majority of SaaS businesses maintain a polished, corporate image, and LinkedIn is primarily seen as a venue for professionalism. However, there’s a secret treasure here: vulnerability’s power.

Talk about the highs and lows of your startup experience. Talk about the difficulties you’ve encountered, the things you’ve learned from your mistakes, and the backstories of your achievements.

Being vulnerable and authentic can help your business become more lovable and relatable, drawing in customers who value your candor.

Elevate Employee Advocacy

Your staff members may be your strongest LinkedIn promoters. Motivate and enable them to talk about their successes, ideas, and experiences with your SaaS business.

Make your business seem more approachable and human by showcasing the actual people who are behind the technology.

Employee-generated content can naturally broaden your reach by humanizing your brand and generating interaction within your own network.

Present your viewers with unique and engaging content to surprise them. This may be:

  • an unusual infographic,
  • a humorous play on SaaS issues,
  • a “Day in the Life” film of a team member.

The human element has the power to draw interest and make an impact.

Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a valuable resource that is frequently neglected. Urge your current clients to write about their SaaS solution experiences on their LinkedIn pages.

To generate excitement about your brand, highlight their experiences and endorsements. Real-world success stories have the power to dramatically impact the decision-making process of prospective clients.

Gamify Engagement

Gamify your content to provide your LinkedIn audience with a distinctive and interesting experience. Here are some creative ways to apply this strategy:

  • hold a competition or challenge around your SaaS offering,
  • invite your audience to get involved by posting about creative ways they’ve used your product,
  • motivate your clients to propose some new features.

And always offer prizes and recognition to the entries with the most original ideas. In addition to increasing engagement, gamification creates buzz and a feeling of community around your business.

Monitor & Adjust

Finally, monitor how well your LinkedIn marketing approach is working. Compile information, hear what your audience has to say, and make any necessary adjustments.

When something isn’t working, don’t be scared to try something else, and be open to trying new things. For SaaS firms, LinkedIn marketing ought to be a continuous process of exploration and creativity.

Over To You

Using various approaches to LinkedIn marketing will help you stand out in a sea of SaaS firms. Accept vulnerability, sincerity, and innovative methods of interaction.

Being a startup, particularly a SaaS startup usually implies a certain level of inadequacies and shortcomings (e.g. customer service often being the main weakness). Therefore, these companies should lean heavily on their strong sides. And using various online marketing strategies to grow their business is one of them.

By utilizing LinkedIn’s hidden jewels, your SaaS firm can create a lasting impression and cultivate a devoted and enthusiastic following.

Brenda is a passionate business blogger, tech nerd and gamer. She is interested in topics that cover business communication, sales, online branding, digital marketing and social media, business tools and extensions, as well as organization and management of LinkedIn connections.