How To Find Coliving Spaces Worldwide

how to find coliving spaces worldwide

Coliving offers people who need flexible living arrangements the chance to travel, move to new destinations for long or short term stays, and live in a community of like-minded people when they arrive. No matter your working field or lifestyle, you can find a coliving organization that can help you find a home and a clan to join, all in one spot.

Work / Life Meshing

Depending on your field and your personality type, you may have long ago given up on finding a work / life balance. You need a mesh. Your ability to thrive in your home is tied to your ability to engage in flexible work and dig in with a community of like-minded people.

No matter your coliving goals or plans, you know that you don’t want to make a one year commitment to a roommate who might bail after two months and leave you holding the bag of bills. Instead, a coliving contract means that you can fill out a profile, determine the type of living situation and organization you want to be a part of, and let them pick your roommate.

Laptop = Office

If your work allows you to work anywhere with WiFi, joining a coliving community anywhere in the world is not only possible, it’s actually easy. If you want to stay in a major city in the United States, pick a coast and hone in on your goals. If you’re ready to learn a new language or study a new culture by immersion, consider signing up with an international coliving organization such as Roam. You can study the housing options and sign up for the community with no commitment. Learn what you need to know and make your choice.

Fill Up That Passport

Part of being a digital nomad is that your community can be accessed via your laptop or your phone. Best of all, it can be expanded by just choosing a location. In addition to signing up with a major international coliving organization, you can pick a new continent and select a coliving space across the globe from your current zip code.

Home, Privacy & Community

Your coliving options are really quite broad. You can sign up for a shared sleeping space, or choose a private room and bath for a bit more, or if you’re a part of a couple. If your work requires deep focus, a private room that you can escape to for part of the day may be ideal. In addition to a private space, you’ll have access to many other options, including

  • A fully-fitted out kitchen, just bring groceries.
  • Easy access to WiFi.
  • A fitness area, lounge space, and often a pool.
  • A broad community of like-minded people.
  • Furniture and linens.

With a private room or a really flexible space mate, you can find a private spot to dig into the work and project plan that doesn’t always capture your attention to the exclusion of everything else. We all have basic work-related housework we need to do. Plan your day around the work that you can do no matter the environment, the stuff you need to work in private, great company, awesome food, prepped by you or others in your clan, and a good workout. What more do you need?

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