How To Use Music To Improve Productivity

how to use music to improve productivity

Listening to music is an amazing way to pass your time, and when you find the genre or artist right for you, you can get thorough enjoyment out of it. With the availability of a range of music streaming apps from your phone, you truly can listen to music anywhere and everywhere.

Did you know that music can even help boost your productivity? As well as helping fill the silence, it can sometimes have an actively positive effect on how you work, making it a win-win situation.

Choosing Music To Listen To When Exercising

Whether you are at the gym or on a run, music can be great for increasing your motivation and truly helping you to ‘get in the zone’. By blanking out the sounds of your surroundings, you can focus solely on yourself and your own progress without getting distracted by anyone.

However, it is important to choose music to fit the mood of what you are doing. While you are at the gym, it can be great to listen to some motivating, uplifting music that makes you feel good about yourself. This can have a positive effect on your performance and help you push yourself that little bit further.

If you are on a run, it is good to focus on music that has a regular beat, since you often end up running in synchronization to the beat of the song. Therefore, choose something with a fairly regular pace and try to make sure that each of the songs carry on this pace. The last thing you want is to be changing your running speed throughout your run.

Music For Revising Or Concentrating

Sometimes, it can be good to listen to music while revising or concentrating on a task, as it can help you focus more and zone in to an activity. Again, it is important that you choose the right music to listen to when revising, otherwise it could have the opposite effect to what you would hope.

It is good to look for music without lyrics when you have to concentrate on a task, as the words to a song can often be a big distraction – you may find yourself singing along to the lyrics rather than focusing on the task you are supposed to be doing. It is also probably best to listen to something somewhat relaxing, but this is subjective.

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Listening To Music While Doing Chores

No one likes doing household chores – or at least most people don’t. It can feel like a burden and is generally not the most enjoyable pastime. However, listening to music while doing chores can really alter your perception and turn what is usually incredibly boring into something quite fun. Unlike with exercising or revising, there is no specific kind of music that is recommended for doing chores – the purpose is to distract yourself, so listen to whatever you like.

Finding a great playlist or making your own is key for productivity, or you could even make multiple and split them up into genres or moods, so that you are sorted for every situation.

No matter what you are doing, there is always a kind of music out there that can complement your activity. Whether this is slow, classical music or heavy rock music, you are guaranteed to find something that helps your productivity levels increase. Do you listen to music for different tasks? Let us know your thoughts.

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