Is The Cat Going Up Or Down The Stairs?

It’s been a while since relationships were irreparably damaged by The Dress, and people evidently crave the chaos.

There was a certain comfort in knowing that you, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are staring at the same picture and having heated debates with anyone who would listen about the color of a dress.

The good (and bad) news is that people will never stop seeing the world differently. Take, for example, this cat.


Is it going up of down the stairs? A Gag9 user posted the image to the website, and people are tossing around strong opinions. They’re trying to make The Cat happen.

The cat is clearly going down the stairs, because you can see the ledges. Or they aren’t ledges, they’re actually caps on either side of the stairs, which means that the cat could be going either way. Some think the light indicates that the cat is going up the stairs, while others see the light as incontrovertible evidence that the cat is going down.

Suddenly, everyone’s an expert on staircases.

Here are some illuminating theories from 9Gag users, as they were written:

“Captain here. The cat is going up, the tail is used to balance the body of the cat and in this case the tail is elevated upwards so that when the cat uses its rear legs to push up it pushes parallel to the line on which gravity is working on the tail to stabilize itself, the tail is not perfectly in line with the line on which gravity is acting in the photo due to the movement to stabilize the body.”

“Not only that about the stairs, also look at the left as you see the picture. You can see that rectangles following the stairs. If cat was going up, that means that these are not line perfectly with the stairs. Going down tho, they are placed perfectly with the stairs. I dunno if i could explain it correctly in English but that is how the architecture of stairs are 99% of the times.”

“Doesn’t matter, this cat is going places, that’s for sure.”

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