Lux Cables – Take Charge Of The Quality In Your Life

Kickstarter has once again brought on a fantastic product — this time a charging cable for your cellphone. A cable might not seem like something special but Lux Cables is a solution to many of the problems we constantly face with charging cables. What problems are those?

  • They break constantly.
  • They are too short.
  • They are cheaply made.

What is Lux Cables solution?

A Lengthy & Reliable Cable


The Lux Cable, measuring in at 2M (6ft.) long, will reach any outlet you need it to whether it be sitting at your desk or in your bed. Many people struggle to keep their device by their side due to the constrained, short cable that comes with their cellphone or tablet. The Lux Cable will stretch far enough for you to have room for it to be comfortably reaching you from the USB port or wall charger, while still having enough room to move further if needed. In testing, it was perfect for reaching up from under a desk to a device sitting on the desk without any strain on the cable! The length of these cables are definitely a huge plus!

Strong And Durable


Along with the fantastic cable length, this lightning cable is also braided with Nylon, giving the user a very sturdy feeling cable that won’t strain or rip when stress is applied on the cable. Many standard issue cables that come out of the box with your device are covered with a thin rubber material and are prone to rips and bends, whereas the Lux Cables Nylon braiding prevents kinks and tears, giving the user a very professional looking cable with a high build quality.

Premium Yet Affordable


Lux Cables are proven to be of very high quality — however, let’s not forget the fact that they are also sold at a very affordable price ($18 USD with their current sale), making this a premium quality product without lessening the weight of your wallet. Their Micro USB cable also features Quick Charge 2.0, which means it’ll charge faster than your standard Micro USB cable whilst being cheaper than most charging cables on the market.


All in all, the Lux Lightning Cable is undoubtedly a very reliable and high quality product. It is one of the best cables in the market and proves to be the perfect replacement to your daily phone cable. No more dealing with the stress of annoying cable malfunctions. You have the freedom to charge your devices anytime, anywhere!

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