Making The Most Of Transferable Skills: From Home To Office

from home to office

Throughout life, we continually learn skills that can be transferred from situation to situation. For instance, maybe your new-found language skill that you worked on for your vacation could also help you out in your career? When we do try to pick up skills, it is super important that we focus on transferable ones such as this so that we can cash in on them in various walks of life.

One part of our life where it is possible to keep on learning new skills is around the house. Running a household and a family is no easy job and will require you to develop a lot of skills. Thankfully, your home isn’t the only place where these skills can be used. In fact, lots of them can be transferred to the office. Not sure exactly what I mean? Well, here are some household skills that you can effortlessly take with you to work!


You will need to organize an efficient household, especially if you have young children! There is a lot to juggle when you are a parent and will need to finely balance taking care of your kids, doing all the chores and housework, and ensuring you still get to enjoy a social life. And all of these organizational skills will come in very useful in the office. Lots of jobs now require employees to work to various different deadlines, so knowing what to focus on at any one time can come in very handy indeed!


Has your boss ever given you the responsibility of managing a budget for one area of the business or an event that your company is planning? That can be a very tricky thing to take care of, but you will be able to do it with ease if you already regularly take care of your family’s budgets. And I don’t just mean planning for the weekly shop. I mean figuring out whether you can afford days out while you also have to hire maintenance workers like HVAC contractors or carpet fitters. There are lots of various monthly expenses that you need to ensure your household income can cover. If you are able to manage all these, then you will easily be able to handle your office budget.


One of the main challenges that come with looking after children is being able to calm them down whenever they start bickering and arguing. Once they become parents, lots of people find that they become great mediators whenever their children start arguing. This is a very useful skill to transfer to the workspace, especially if you are a manager or supervisor. When you are responsible for people at work, you will need to have expert communication skills. Plus, it would be good to bring everything that you have learned by managing your children’s arguments to the workplace too. This way, things won’t ever get too heated in the office!

So, it is important you develop all the skills you learn at home. You never know how far they might take you in your career!

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