People Who Use Emojis Have More Sex Than Those Who Don’t

Here’s something that will leave you speechless: Singles who use emoji are having more sex than those who prefer to use their words.

According to’s Singles in America survey, 54% of emoji users had sex in 2014, compared to 31% of singles who didn’t use them. And 64% of men and 46% of women who use emoji regularly are having sex at least monthly.

The survey, considered to be the largest, most comprehensive study of single men and women, polled more than 5,675 singles whose demographics represent the U.S. Census’ population.


Unsurprisingly, the most popular emoji used are flirtatious. Texting back and forth lacks body language, often diminishing personality and tone. A kissing or winking emoji can express sentiment easier.


On the flip side, the sassy “Information Girl” emoji may be a top choice when texting your best friend, but is less likely to pop up when texting potential dates. The traditional lip emoji also doesn’t seal the deal for users, and apparently no one is seeing evil in online dating. (Though anyone who’s been on a bad date may beg to differ.)

Dr. Helen Fisher, who led the study, told Time that regular emoji users are benefitting from more than just more time in bed. “They go on more dates and they are two times more likely to want to get married,” said Fisher. The study showed 62% of emoji-lovers want to get married versus 30% who never use the icons.

While emoji may be the subtle spice to conversation that’s just personal enough, sexting and selfies did not fare as well — if you’re talking to a woman, anyway. Seventy-seven percent of ladies do not want to receive a sext from a date and 48% are not interested in your selfies, guys.

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