Revealed – The Best Wearable Tech For Business

wearables for business

Technology has moved forward at an incredible pace over the last few years. Computers are getting smaller and more powerful. Every task can be performed on a phone and now, we have dozens of wearable gadgets that can help us in our daily life.

However, if you’re a business owner or employee, there’s a number of uses that wearables can grant from relaxation on the commute to organizing your diary. Of course, before we begin there’s a small disclaimer. Depending on your technology giant allegiance, some products might not grab your fancy, but hopefully we can convince you of the benefits of all them, regardless of brand. Let’s take a look at the best gadgets for work.

ITENS Electrotherapy Device

Look, no bones about it – work can bring stress. Thankfully, there are devices on the market that exist to heal and decompress. The ITENS is a wireless device that is placed on the body and operated via an Android or iOS phone or tablet. The ITENS Electrotherapy can help relieve in pain in large areas, such as the neck, back and shoulders whilst at work. If you’re in pain at work, get it sorted, get help and use items like the ITENS to cope.

Smart Watch (Apple/Android)

Apple’s iWatch and the broad array of Android watches such as the MotoWatch and the Samsung Gear present the most useful wearable tech. Being able to link up with the cloud and a cloud service platform to ensure you are in touch with your work and life wherever you are in the world. Notifications to new emails, meeting reminders and the ability to contact without using your phone ensure that a wearable smartwatch is the must have gadget for people serious about work and connectivity.


We all know about the benefits that virtual personal assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Google Now offer and these virtual personal assistants work amazingly well with the Smart-Watches as described above. Hearables are small earbuds that offer a home not only for your music, but for your virtual personal assistant meaning you don’t need to glam up with a wrist watch. Your personal assistant will always be connected to you meaning while you’re at work, your priorities will always be in order with consistent reminders.

Microsoft Hololens

The capabilities of virtual reality and it’s bigger and better sister – augmented reality are still quite unknown. What we do know, however is what the Microsoft Hololens brings to the table and it is amazing. Being able to project work around yourself like an Iron Man movie isn’t the future, it’s now. Your spreadsheets, memos will be floating around ready to access at any moment. If you’re in a field like architecture, you’ll be able to build your projects virtually before your eyes and show it off to an audience. The ceiling of the Hololens could be anything and these devices could very well change the world. The Microsoft Hololens won’t come cheap, but that’s been said about the very laptop you’re typing on right now.

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