Rosemont Group Capital Partners LLC Is Actively Seeking Interesting Ideas, Concepts And Businesses To Invest In

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Today’s your lucky day! If you’re a hard working entrepreneur, and looking to get investment for an interesting idea, concept or business, then Rosemont Group Capital Partners is looking for you.

Rosemont Group Capital Partners invests in early stage Internet and enterprise start-ups globally. Their approach to identifying and supporting their portfolio companies generates a distinctive competitive advantages for many companies. They seek the most dynamic entrepreneurs as partners and co-invest alongside some of the most renowned Seed and Series A investors.

Their focus is on early stage technology businesses, with ambitious founders and unique approaches. They invest between $100,000 to $1M into companies with the potential to disrupt huge industries, and the ambition to scale globally.

Rosemont Group Capital Partners operate like a start-up, and through their own experiences, global network and sector expertise support entrepreneurs to build and grow their own businesses.

Browsing their website, I found some additional information:

Our Vision

We have a clear vision to be part of globalization by creating, developing, acquiring and investing in ideas that will one day become recognizable or even legacy brands and businesses. We have a passion and a desire to deliver at the highest level, be it; eCommerce, property development, technology, food and beverages, entertainment, hospitality, fashion, energy, investment trading and consulting.

Investing Globally

We invest in solutions and concepts that address large target markets. There are plenty of great business ideas, but not all can travel across borders or will generate significant returns that justify our type of capital financing.

If you have a company and are already working on your project please contact Rosemont Group Capital Partners here:

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