How To Run A Business With No Employees

business no employees

Did you know that it’s entirely possible to run a business without having a single employee? It’s true. In the modern age, it’s crucial to evolve your business by taking risks and setting new trends. If you’re one of the first businesses to fully utilize a new strategy, then you could make massive profits before everyone else catches on.

Take video gaming for example. A decade ago, no one knew that video games could become a sporting event with millions of spectators worldwide. The first few companies that exploited this new business avenue became big brand names in the world of electronic sports, and their dominance has completely overshadowed new start-ups. Latching onto trends early is key to evolving your business strategy.


Employees require a lot of time and effort to manage and recruit. Big companies have to dedicate entire departments and workforce to monitoring employees—it’s an unnecessary money sink.

Instead of hiring employees to work for you, outsourcing is a method of getting work done without recruiting a team member to work for a long period of time. For example, if you run a dental practice, you don’t need a department or employee dedicated to managing finances. You can hire Bookkeeping Dental Office services online.

It’s a great way to pay for what you want without dedicating funds to an employee for long periods of time. You pay per job, and you can hire as much or as little outsourcing as you want.


You could potentially run your business from home with the help of freelancers. If you run a blog, you can hire writers and pay them on a per-article basis instead of recruiting an in-house writer or a permanent member of staff. If you run a royalty-free stock image and music website, you can hire photographers and producers to make content for you to sell.

Since you’re paying per job, you don’t need to worry about the quality of work a permanent employee will produce. By hiring multiple freelancers, you can get lots of different styles and personalities to fill your business with rich and varied content.

Let’s say you’re running a website about television shows. You can hire a designer to create the website, you can ask an artist to draw up a fancy logo, and you can get writers to review shows that will be posted on the site. It requires zero permanent employees, and you get loads of content in a quick time.


Technology has created many ways for us to be lazy. From recent technology such as self-driving cars to optimized equipment in factories, there are countless ways to automate work.

Software and hardware will allow you to create systems such as auto-response messages to customer queries. There are cloud software solutions that allow you to manage social media followers, automatically respond to messages and also automate thanking users for following you. You can even set up financial services to automatically send invoices to customers that buy your products, and you don’t need to lift a finger in the process.

Will your next business venture be employee-less?

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