Serious Security: Don’t Forget To Protect These 5 Important Business Assets

serious security

There are many valuable assets and resources to protect when you manage a business. Money is a major resource you’ll never want to lose too much of. Naturally, you’ll also want to protect the people in your workplace from getting hurt. It isn’t just physical things you need to protect, though. Even things like computer data and ideas can be significant business assets.

Each of the things in your business you need to keep secure will require different methods of protection. Here are some of the most vital business assets you’ll want to protect and how you can do it.

Your Name

Before you even start your business, you’ll want a name that makes you stand out. But when you choose one, you’ll need to make sure it’s protected.

Many companies trademark their name to prevent other businesses from trying to profit from it. You should also protect product names and marketing materials.

While it may not seem important for a starting business, you never know what might become valuable in the long run. Even major corporations like Microsoft have had to deal with trademark battles.

Your Finances

Your funds are crucial to your business. As well as making sure you don’t spend your money carelessly, you also need to keep it physically protected.

Watch out for any form of business fraud. If employees lie on their time card or take money from your cash registers, they’re stealing funds directly from your company.

Be sure to always keep track of money. If you suspect someone of stealing, a detective can help you collect evidence for legal action.

Your Data

Most businesses store documents digitally these days. While this saves a lot of time, space, and effort, it can also make them much more vulnerable.

Businesses are often targeted by ransomware attacks, which lock down their data and make them pay to retrieve it. Be sure to always keep backups. Many companies these days use cloud storage for safe and efficient backups.

It’s also useful to have paper copies of anything urgent. You don’t want to lose data due to a virus or hacker.

Your Premises

Since your work premises will cost you a lot from month to month, you’ll want to make sure they’re well protected.

Since you’ll be storing a lot of valuable equipment in your premises, you’ll want to protect it from burglars. Many buildings offering rental office space have security measures in place. If you have your own building, you may want to employ guards and install surveillance cameras.

You should also take out commercial property insurance. It can protect your contents as well as any damage to the building.

Your Reputation

A bad reputation can cripple a company. This is especially true for customer-facing businesses, as one bad review can lose you a lot of customers.

Make sure you always provide the best possible service to your clientele. Ensure that you have a customer service rep who’s available to deal with complaints each day.

Getting on social media can also help you interact with customers directly. It’s also useful for promoting a positive image. For some businesses, it may be worth having a PR expert to help you deal with negative press.

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