Things You Need To Avoid When Doing SEO

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Creating the perfect website is a major goal for so many individuals and businesses. The benefits which a top-ranking website can provide are numerous, so it is no wonder that getting to those top spots is so difficult. Many people think that they know what they are doing when designing a website and implementing SEO, but they actually make many elementary mistakes which end up costing them in rankings.

Successful SEO is all about identifying problems and eliminating them by implementing targeted SEO techniques. Many amateurs who attempt to do their own SEO end up wasting a huge amount of time and money on a bad website which is never going to rank highly. In order to help everyone from making self-destructive errors, here are things you need to avoid when doing SEO.

Technical Website Issues

A great website is all about the user experience, and the first thing you need to avoid when designing a website and doing your SEO is the kind of annoying technical issues that really both visitors. These things used to plague websites in the not too distant past but web users simply will not put up with them these days. You must address these technical SEO problems straight away so that your website does not get judged poorly by either your visitors or the Google spiders. Be sure to fix broken links, speed up page loading times, and make sure that everything scrolls smoothly.

Unengaging Content

A massive mistake that many people make is that they assume once all the technical SEO has been done and they have implemented all the other SEO strategies that these will guarantee them achieving their goals. Every SEO expert will tell you, however, that while SEO is all about driving traffic to your website, what happens after that is down to your content. There are countless websites that are successful in getting page views but which have such poor content that visitors just leave the site within a few seconds, never to return again. Make sure that your content is engaging and really pushes your product, brand, or message. Otherwise, you will just be spending a lot of time and potentially a lot of money to bring people to a website for no reason.

Keyword Loading

Keywords are, of course, of the utmost importance when it comes to optimizing your website’s content, but you have to be very careful about including them in the content. Google’s spiders are getting more and more sophisticated every year, and if you just haphazardly load your content with huge numbers of keywords and phrases, you are almost certain to get dinged.

Keyword implementation must look organic, and in order to achieve this, it is almost always worth working with a professional SEO content writer so that you don’t make any mistakes that could get your website penalized.

Poor Backlinks

Building a catalog of quality backlinks is one of the most effective ways to boost your website’s rankings, but it is equally important to avoid poor backlinks. Purchasing low-quality backlinks on obvious link farms or on a cheap PBN may seem like the ideal way to get ahead whilst still saving money, but the consequences if Google deems you to have misacted can be dire. It really isn’t worth trying to save pennies when it comes to backlinks. Remember that quality will always be judged better by the Google spiders than quantity.

Bad Social Media

Social media can be a very powerful ally for your website’s SEO and when used correctly it can really make a huge difference. It is so important however that you keep your social media game on point or you are just going to bring your website down. Google looks at how the activity is on linked social media sites and so if you are going to try and use social media, use it wisely to maximize its SEO results. If your social media game is not up to scratch, it will reflect badly on your website and brand as a whole.

SEO is an incredibly useful tool but only when it is implemented correctly. There are many people who look to save money by doing their own SEO but this can be very counterproductive as they end up just having to hire a professional to come and fix their mistakes and clear up the mess which they have made. Make sure to avoid these common mistakes when doing the SEO for your website to ensure that you achieve your desired ranking results. Results will take time, so stick at it, and you will soon start to see the fruits of your labor. As long as you address each issue systematically, you will be able to create a website that is guaranteed to pull in those visitors.

About Brian: Brian Jackson is the founder of Shoestring Branding - a marketing and branding blog for entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on internet-based tools and strategies.