3 Business Practices That Can Help The Environment

eco friendly business practices

Making an existing business more environmentally friendly can seem like a daunting process. However, with so many products and services available in the market, it has never been more important to find innovative ways to set your business apart from the competition. One of the best ways to do this is by going green.

Apart from the obvious benefits to the environment, adopting eco-friendly business practices can actually be beneficial to your bottom line. Therefore, it is a good idea to find all the small, simple things that you can do to decrease the carbon footprint of your day-to-day business practices. By building such practices into your workflows from the start, you can start off on the right foot on the road to sustainability.

Find Ways To Conserve Energy

Your business can start becoming eco-friendly by adopting green technology to reduce its energy consumption. This is an important step because most enterprises use a huge amount of energy to power up their daily operations. The goal here is to use less energy, which will reduce your location’s emissions while driving down your overheads.

The good news is that this is not too difficult to achieve. A great place to start is your lighting choices. Make the switch from standard bulbs to LED or compact fluorescent (CFL) lights. These options use less energy while lasting much longer.

Another good move would be to look for alternative ways to power up your office. Renewable energy sources like solar, wind power, geothermal, or hydro power are great options. You can also work to replace any outdated equipment with more modern office appliances. Commissioning an energy audit would not be remiss: this move alone can help shave 20% off your power bill!

Make The Move To Post-Consumer Waste

Post-consumer waste, or PCW is the next big thing on the sustainability landscape. PCW paper is the only type of paper that is made entirely from recycled waste paper. In some companies, eliminating the use of paper, paper products, and packaging is next to impossible. If you find yourself in that boat, the next best option is to adopt the use of eco-friendly paper.

However, to be 100% green, your best bet is to go digital. You can use cloud technologies to store and share documents. Furthermore, amazing technological innovations make it possible to send a Gmail Fax. Whatever the case, running a paperless business has never been easier now that you have plenty of these tools at your disposal.

Use Green Web Hosting

You might be asking, “what are green web hosts?” Simply put, these are companies that take part in various greening activities to reduce the environmental costs of running their servers and technological infrastructure. This can include activities like planting trees, using green energy, or purchasing carbon offsets to mitigate negative environmental impacts.

Fortunately, making your business more eco-friendly becomes easier when you work with like-minded companies and individuals. It also helps that working with green web hosts costs more or less the same as their competitors that run servers using fossil fuel.