Environmentally Friendly Technology For You And Your Home

environmentally friendly technology

Climate change is real, and it’s happening at an increasingly rapid rate. Over the past century alone, the average temperature of our planet has increased by more than half a degree Celsius. This might sound like a small amount, but to put that into perspective, the difference in the average temperature difference between our world nowadays and the Ice Age is only five degrees. When you look at the damage that is being caused by that half a degree so far, you will realize the concern that geographic professionals and scientists are displaying. Polar ice caps are melting; sea levels are rising, there are more droughts and forest fires and more severe storms across the globe. But how can the average person help with this? Well, an easy place to start is implementing more environmentally safe technology into your lifestyle. Here are a few of our favorites.

Electric Scooters

The electric scooter has been developed to lower fuel emissions in major cities. Individuals’ main concern with rechargeable electric scooters is often “where and when can I recharge the battery.” There are petrol stations all over the place. But when it comes to locating electric recharging stations, things become a little harder. Not to worry though. Companies such as Unu Motors have developed scooters that can be recharged from your home in a standard wall socket. This means you can charge whenever you’re home or at any other location with electrical mains. They drive just as well as any petrol or diesel fueled scooter and have a sleek design to boot. This is the transport of the future.

Sun & Cloud Camera

The Sun & Cloud Camera is a Japanese innovation. The camera is integrated with solar panels which charge the camera automatically with natural exposure sunlight. It is hand cranked to take both videos and stills of good quality. This means no more charging batteries or using disposable batteries. This camera is a great option for travelers, in particular, who may not always have access to electrical mains.

Bamboo Speakers

You might think that you need to plug your phone into a speaker to achieve the best quality sound. But this isn’t true. You can entirely cut electrical extras out of the equation by using bamboo speakers. These natural devices use a stick of bamboo to naturally amplify the sound produced by your cellular device. As well as being an eco-friendly product, these allow you to play loud music anywhere with no need for a wall socket or batteries. Perfect!

Oree Keyboard

The Oree Keyboard is a wooden keyboard that is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Different options are made from Sycamore maple or French walnut. The wood is sourced from family-owned forests in Eastern France, so is responsibly sourced and the woods are maintained well. The final product is biodegradable and much more environmentally friendly than your standard plastic keyboard. It is also built to last a lifetime. So one should tide you over forever and always.

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