Unprecedented Passenger Safety In Ride Hailing

careem safety and security features

Careem, the leading ride-hailing service in the Middle East and North Africa, is always seeking to be ahead in customer’s satisfaction, by providing them with the finest service in the industry, making them feel comfortable and at ease in every journey. Careem aims to provide passengers with a unique experience to return for yet again a consistent and never ending exceptional experience.

When customers rely on a ride-hailing service or any other mode of transportation to go from point A to point B, first of all they are placing their trust on the service provider for their safety and security. In Careem’s efforts to simplify people’s lives in the region, safety plays an unprecedented role. The company applies strict procedures that begin from the moment you book the car, continuing throughout the journey until the moment of arrival.

Each Captain goes through a rigorous security screening and training processes before qualifying and is also subject to inspect and maintain the vehicle to ensure his and the passengers’ safety. The company insists on providing the customers with all the information related to the Captain including his photo, his name, car plate number, in addition to the rating points he has received from previous customer evaluations. Each passenger can also evaluate and rate the trip when dropped off.

In addition to the latter, Careem passengers can share their ride with friends to let them know they’re on the way, and they can track the ride on the web. Moreover, Careem runs ongoing mystery shopping program to continuously check cars and Captain behavior to ensure customers have a great Careem experience. And if a passenger faces issues during or after their ride, Careem’s in-ride customer support is available 24/7 in multiple languages and through multiple channels.

Last but not least, Careem has recently announced the integration of facial technology to its technological framework to set a new benchmark in passenger safety. Powered by Digital Barriers, a leading provider of intelligent security solutions across the globe, the backend biometric identification system enables Careem to confirm its Captains’ identity in real-time, eliminating all risks associated with fraudulent car ownership and possession. Secured by a robust verification process that validates every Captain’s identity with their assigned car, users are assured of being in safe hands at all times, with the technology providing Careem with round-the-clock Captain Authentication capabilities.

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