Online Dating Sites: What Are The Pluses And Minuses You Should Know About

everything you should know about online dating sites

Online dating sites are everywhere these days. As you pore over your laptop in your favorite coffee outlet, chances are the person at the next table swiping through their mobile device, is evaluating potential dates. As you munch on a tasty treat to go with your hot drink, perhaps you might be tempted to pop ‘online dating’ into your search engine as the first step into creating an irresistible profile.

Internet dating is certainly an apt demonstration of how technology has really tapped into modern life, offering the convenience of an app or website in the palm of your hand that will allow streamlined and 24/7 access to desirable strangers. No wonder user figures of the most popular sites are shooting through the roof. If you haven’t dived into this heady world yet but are seriously considering doing so, here is a summary of the pluses and minuses.


When you sign up to an online dating site you instantly find yourself with access to many more potential partners than you could previously have dreamed about. This is a particular advantage when individuals have more specific tastes about what they are looking for in a partner. Dating sites can be aimed at a mainstream membership, but there are also a host of niche sites which are designed to attract sign-ups based on a certain type, or sexual orientation. The pursuit of relationships can traverse borders – you might find yourself drawn to someone in a dating site in USA.

For those living outwith cities and towns, this is especially advantageous. Instead of a wasted journey to some trendy nightspot, they can spend time getting to know potential partners from the convenience of their web browser.

The downside of having so much choice at your fingertips is that the exercise can become somewhat overwhelming. If your longer-term goal is finding someone you can settle down with, then a sense of pressure can creep in. Should you be sticking with someone you’re getting on really well with, when someone you might get on exceptionally well with is only a few web pages away?


One of the most powerful attributes of online dating is that it has become very sophisticated. There are powerful algorithms in these pieces of software that will carry out a degree of personality testing depending on what you have stated you are looking for in your profile. This will ensure you are only matched with ideal dating partners. Compatibility is all-important when it comes to how well you will hit it off with someone you’ve never actually met in the real world.

The note of caution about this is that the intricate coding required to filter out personality traits is one thing. But humans are far more complex. You might be quite prepared to overlook certain traits if you really like a person, whereas the computer has simply said ‘no’ based on the limited information at its disposal.

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