4 Things To Do With Your Old iPad

what to do with your old ipad

iPads are some of the best products from Apple. They’ve consistently been updating it over the years. The chances are that if you are someone who is interested in gadgets or follows the tech industry closely, you would own more than one iPad. So what would do you do with your old iPads.

Though iPads are some of the best devices produced in their genre, that is tablets, you can’t use more than one iPad as a daily driver., as it defeats how the device was intended to be used. So, what are the other ways in which you can use your old iPad, in case you have more than one lying around your home or office? Let’s explore that.

Photo Frame

Ever since the beginning, iPads arrived with a beautiful screen. You can put it to use in your living room or add life to your desk by using it as a photo frame. It would require some setup to connect it to a power socket that is hidden in plain sight and also you’d need to tweak the display settings to make sure that the display has the right brightness settings and doesn’t turn off after some time.

It might be the most expensive photo frame ever. If you are feeling guilty that you are not putting the powerful computing power inside your iPad to good use, you can try the following.

Second Screen

You can use it as your second screen, along with your laptop or your desktop computer. You would need to use some paid apps to get the work done. Some of the best apps on the market that get the job done seamlessly are Duet Display, Air Display 3 and iDisplay. These apps would extend or duplicate the screen of your computer.

I prefer to use my iPad as a social media hub and not access social media on my main computer. This helps me to focus better on different tasks are compartmentalized.

Sell It

The best thing to do with your old iPad is to sell it, as it would help your iPad reach someplace where it can be used to it’s fullest potential. How do you find the best price for your iPad and how do you sell it without much trouble. Also, another issue with personal computing devices is that they have personal information and while selling them we’ve to be extra careful. Sometimes it’s possible for hackers to retrieve information from a device even if it was subject to a factory reset.

You can try the iPad Trade in Canada to sell your used iPads. It’s a reliable network and makes sure that you get the maximum value for your product, and your personal information is also destroyed by experts so it can’t be misused.

GPS Navigator

Your iPad has all the technical components required for a GPS navigator. The only thing that would be needed is a few DIY hacks to get your old iPad connected to your car permanently. Then you can use it as a GPS navigator or a media control device with ease. Apple’s car play will come in handy to make using your iPad easier inside your vehicle.

Hope this article helps you to put your old iPad to some new use. Let us know if you need any help in setting up your iPad for any of the purposes mentioned above.

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