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The Best Apple Watch 4 Functions & Apps

the best apple watch 4 functions and apps

The Apple Watch 4 has held up the standards of previous Apple smartwatches with the standard smart watch functions like adding and listening to music, receiving and responding to texts directly on the watch by pairing it with your smartphone and other Bluetooth devices.

The latest Apple Watch 4 takes the user experience to a whole new level with more functionality and access to even more apps.

Interesting Functions

Here are some of the best functions that the Apple Watch 4 is capable of that you may or may not know about.

Camera Remote

Instagrammers and photographers will love this handy feature. Set up your camera anywhere and use your smartwatch as the remote to put yourself in the picture or just avoid the slight jiggle that comes from pressing the shutter button.

Fall Detection

This is an excellent feature for older people or those living with disabilities. Your Apple Watch 4 can detect a fall and give you the option of calling for emergency services or responding that you are fine.

Apple Pay

There is no need to pull out your wallet if you have Apple Pay on your watch. Just use your smartwatch to pay for purchases.

Heartrate Monitoring

Another beneficial feature for your health, the watch will check your heartrate for you, giving you a full picture of your heart health.

Set Up for Lefties

The left-handed people of the world have not been forgotten by Apple. Controls will flip so that everyone can have a user-friendly experience.

Removable Bands

Another great feature is that it has removable bands just like its predecessors, allowing you to customize your watch with the hundreds of different replacement bands that are available from brands like Mobile Mob, so you can change up your look regularly.

Theater Mode

Dim the screen on your smartwatch so it doesn’t disturb other movie goers, and so you can still see your messages while you enjoy the film.


The Apple Watch 4 allows you to screenshot and save right from the watch, ensuring you can review photos, messages, etc. when you have the time.

Useful Apps

Whether you use your Apple Watch 4 for fun, travel or work, there are hundreds of apps that partner well with your smartphone to help you stay on the top of your game. Here is my list of some of the best apps available in the app store which are sorted by category.


  • Things 3 – This task manager comes with a calendar scheduler, to do lists and family sharing for ultimate family organization.
  • Just Press Record – Audio recording right from the watch, as well as transcribing services and sharing abilities make this app a must have.
  • Mint – The ultimate financial planner and tracker can be used right on your smartwatch.

News and Information

  • Carrot Weather – Accurate, powerful weather predictions, radar tracking and a bit of humor make this the perfect weather app.
  • CNN News – Stay on top of what is happening around the world with the CNN news app.
  • Castro Podcasts – The ultimate podcast player that delivers new podcasts right to your smartwatch and allows you to queue what you want and archive the rest.


  • Strava – This fitness app tracks a variety of physical activities, analyses your results and provide your stats to you.
  • Autosleep Tracker – Your sleep patterns and sleep deprivation are observed and recorded by Autosleep.
  • Headspace – Meditation and mindset can predict your overall wellness, and headspace helps you maintain a positive mindset every day.


  • Night Sky – Aspiring astronomers can use this app and their smartwatches to find constellations and planets.
  • Lifeline – This unique interactive survival game plays out in real time and shifts according to your choices.
  • Shazam – Hear a song you like and don’t know what it is? Shazam will listen, report the song name and artist to you and tell you where you can buy it.


  • Citymapper – Everything you need to get around your own or another city is on Citymapper. It keeps you up to date on traffic concerns, bike paths, UBER connections and other transit.
  • ETA – Let ETA know your original location, where you are going and how you are getting there, and it will provide an approximate time of arrival.
  • Babbel – Heading on a trip abroad and don’t know the language? Babbel offers lessons to help you have real conversations in a new language.
  • Circa – If you work with people around the world or travel frequently, Circa will help you stay organized by providing time zones around the world.

Just remember to keep your smartwatch operating at peak productivity by keeping the iOS operating system and your apps up to date, remove apps you aren’t using and clear your cache on a regular basis.

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