The Best Apple Watch 4 Functions & Apps

the best apple watch 4 functions and apps

Apple has had an outstanding run since it started producing its series of Apple smartwatches in 2015. By 2017, Apple had risen to become the leading watch brand seller in the world. Apple’s smartwatch line of products was pioneered by the release of the first-generation Apple Watch.

From the beginning, Apple has continuously grown its customer base and popularity. The most recent version, the Apple Watch 4 is the most advanced Apple smartwatch to be released so far. It is more than a communication gadget. It is a life saver.

Whether you are purchasing your first Apple Watch or upgrading from a previous version, the design, features, and comfort offered by the Apple Watch 4 will blow your mind. Here are some highlights of this fantastic watch.

Main Features Of The Apple Watch 4

The Apple Watch 4 is an upgrade of the previous versions of Apple smartwatches. It has been re-designed and engineered for optimal functionality. Apart from its pocket-friendly entry-level price, the Apple Watch 4 uses state of the art technology to perform various functions which put it above its competitors and predecessors. Also, don’t forget that the Apple Watch can be customized to your style through the use of customized Apple Watch straps in countless colors and designs.

Upgraded Display

The Apple Watch 4 has an upgraded OLED display that is 30% larger than the previous model. It has a digital crown on its face and a ceramic back. The 44mm display has rounded edges which give it a beautiful appearance. This feature improves user interaction with the device since the larger icons are more detailed and more visible. The large screen also enhances the screen’s brightness so you can read notifications even in bright sunlight. This improves its overall usability.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Another fantastic feature is its range of health monitoring and health improvement functions. The Apple Watch 4 is the first smartwatch with an FDA cleared ECG monitoring system. The electrocardiogram is made up of ceramic crystals which incorporate the use of an app to measure the heart rate in the form of electrical currents. With enough information, it can come up with a vague baseline of your general health.

You can measure your heart rate by pressing the digital crown down on to your wrist until the reading is complete. The Apple Watch 4 also has a breath app which you can use during meditation or when you want to relax as it will guide you through timely, deep breaths

The watch has an optical heart rate sensor that will take note of your average heart rate and alert you any time you have a higher or lower than standard heart rate. Many people have admitted that the Apple smartwatches enabled them to discover some health conditions that they would have never knew existed. This device is a life saver.

GPS Assistance

Other special health features of the Apple Watch 4 include health and fitness tracking using GPS assistance which can be very helpful during regular workouts. It has fall detection capabilities which use impact acceleration and wrist trajectory to detect a fall. If this watch senses immobility for more than one minute after a fall, it will initiate an emergency call to contact an ambulance or to contact your emergency contacts with information about your location.


The Apple Watch 4 uses an S4 64-bit dual core microprocessor with watchOS 5, which is up to 2 times more powerful and faster than the previous releases. It has speakers and a walkie-talkie feature that will enable you to face time, interact with Siri and make voice calls through a cellular network or WiFi. The enhanced speakers have improved audio quality and a louder but clear volume.

The Apple Watch 4 has a range of connectivity options like Bluetooth and WiFi. You can also choose from a device with a GPS connection only, cellular network connection only or both GPS and cellular network.

Now that we’ve looked at the features of the device, lets take a look at the best apps so that you can experience the full thrill of this device. Here are some of the top-rated apps for the Apple Watch 4.

The Best Apple Watch 4 Apps

There are many different apps available for Apple Watches, but not all of them are great or useful. Luckily, you cannot miss some that are just brilliant. The Apple App Store has all kinds of apps from health, games, and productivity. Here are some of the top-rated apps that you should try:

Information & News Apps

Carrot Weather – If changes in weather patterns fascinate you, Carrot Weather is the app for you. This app will help you to access hourly to daily weather forecasts using special dialogues and characters that will make the whole process very interesting.

Dark Sky – Dark Sky is another great weather app and can be used to view forecasts of weather changes by the minute. This app can warn you when you are about to get rained on.

Shazam – If you have ever used Shazam, then you know how essential it can be especially to music fanatics. With this app on your Apple Watch, you will not need to fumble through your phone so that you can capture a tune. All you need to do is to press the listen button on your watch, and you can find the song online or on the app store where you can purchase it at an affordable price.

ESPN – ESPN is a great app for sports fans. The ESPN Apple Watch 4 app will enable you to have quick and convenient access to any sports news covering NBA, Football, NFL, Cricket, Tennis, Golf and much more. You can personalize the ESPN app to alert you on specific games or your favorite teams only.

Productivity Apps

Evernote – Evernote is a voice recording app that records your voice notes, translates them into text, and then saves them onto your Evernote online account. This app is essential for taking quick instructions and recording light bulb moments that you would like to revisit afterward.

PCalc – PCalc is a simple calculator that will allow you to perform basic mathematical calculations straight from your wrists. It has a lite version with simple mathematical signs and equations and a paid version with more complex equations like scientific notations and engineering.

Fantastical 2 – Apple has its calendar app which is very useful, but it has minor setbacks. It does not allow you to edit or schedule events. With Fantastical 2, you can plan and manage your events, keep track of your schedules and even set reminders on upcoming events and tasks. This app will keep you alert all the time.

Health & Fitness Apps

Strava – Strava is an excellent app for people who love to work out. Strava takes note of your indoor and outdoor activities whether it is a run, a ride or even brisk walking. This app records the time, distance covered and your heart rate during your workouts. All this data is then transferred to your iPhone where you can access a detailed report.

Streaks Workout – Streaks Workout is an app that offers up to 30 workout techniques that you can practice without any equipment. These workouts can be time-based from 6 minutes, 12 minutes, 18 minutes and 30 minutes. You can also use this app to monitor and record your heart rate during the workouts. It is very simple to use, but you should be ready for excruciating muscle pain.

One Drop – One Drop is an excellent app for people who have diabetes. It can help you to monitor your sugar levels, food intake, supplements, and your daily routines and activities from your wrist. You can use this app to schedule medication reminders and appointments tailored to your convenience.

Travel Apps

iTranslate – iTranslate is an app for people who love traveling to foreign places. You can use it to translate words into different languages by setting your desired language and speaking into its microphone. You can use it to translate words into various languages which have been tested to be very precise. This can help you have access to essential items and services even if you are a stranger in a foreign country.

Citymapper – Citymapper is an app that enables you to view the status of public transport and service vehicles around you at the click of a button. You can get directions to pre-set addresses and locations and reach there on time using the nearest available public service vehicle.

Uber – The Uber Apple Watch 4 app is not as detailed as the iPhone app, but it is essential. You can use it to request an Uber, view a rough estimate of the transport prices and how long the ride will take. All from your wrist.

Other amazing Apple Watch 4 apps that you can take a look at include; British Airways app, Apple maps, Currency, Pacemaker, BBC News, Yelp, Facebook Messenger, Chirp for Twitter, My Run, Withings, Health Mate, Seven and Auto Sleep.


The Apple Watch 4 is a complete package. Apart from being a stylish and classy fashion accessory, it is a device that has been designed to be incredibly useful. It is a personal assistant, a time manager, and a guardian angel.

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